[Consumption value-April project-Car⑤] Electric vehicles are gaining popularity, even in the used car market...Customers in their 40s are leading
[Consumption value-April project-Car⑤] Electric vehicles are gaining popularity, even in the used car market...Customers in their 40s are leading
  • HueSoung, Jun Reporter / Yohan, Bok Reporter
  • 승인 2023.05.05 09:34
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Environment-friendly consumption values are a trend in the used car market. The electric used car sales record has increased over 1,000 times during the past decade. Photo: Jeon Husung

[Consumerwide_ HueSoung, Jun Reporter / Yohan, Bok Reporter] Environment-awareness-based consumption value is becoming a trend, even in the used car market. The number of used EV consumers is considerably increasing. In particular, male customers in their 40s led the used-EV market. This has been discovered as the result of trend analysis on the actual transactions of used EVs for the last 10 years by the KAI Data Research Institute, which Consumerwide has commissioned.

The number of sales of used EVs has risen remarkably over the last 10 years, between 2013 and 2022. The yearly sales record of used EVs (passenger cars) was under 1,000 between 2013 and 2017. The detailed records are 65 in 2014, 117 in 2015, 362 in 2016, and 884 in 2017. But the transaction began speeding up in 2018. In 2019, the transaction increased by 5012, which was twice as much as in 2018 (2490). It continued increasing, recording 7387 in 2020 and 10958 in 2021. Last year, the sales record for used EVs was 17117. In this flow, I suspect that it will go beyond 20 thousand by the end of the year.

Male customers in their 40s have led the used-EV transaction (passengers'). In the gender category, 7 of 10 used EVs were purchased by male customers last year. The gender ratio was 27.7% for female customers and 72.3% for male customers.

In the age category, customers in their 40s were most active in used EV purchases, regardless of gender. In particular, female customers in their 40s recorded 1281, while male customers in their 40s recorded 3984. For the rest of the customers, it is recorded as follows: For female customers: 30s-1168, 50s-848, 60s-445, 20s-267, 70s-97. For male customers: 30s-3367, 50s-1668, 60s-740, 20s-732, 70s-251. This is relatively different from the sales record of new eco-friendly cars. Customers in their 50s led hybrid and electric car sales. (Refer to related reports.)

Referring to a transaction by appearance, SUV was the most active in transactions by recording a 6857 last year. This is 40.1% of the entire transaction record (17117), which is 4 of 10 used EVs. This can be interpreted as the SUV model being popular, not only in the new car market but also in the used car market. SUV models account for the vast majority of the EV market. It could have been another reason. The second winner was a hatchback, with a sedan behind. 5696 hatchbacks were sold last year, which was 33.3% of the total transaction. Sedan recorded 3284, and RV, 1275.

For domestic used EVs, Hyundai, Chevrolet, Renault Korea, and Kia in consecutive order. For imported ones, Tesla, BMW, and Audi led the transaction. (consecutive order)

In the category of driving distance, under 10,000 transactions were the most common among used EVs in domestic areas. Transactions under 10,000 km were 3858, which was 32.1% of the entire record. The rest of the transaction records are in the categories 10,000–50,000 km, 3515 (29.3%), 50,000–100,000 km, 30,320 (25.3%), and 100,000–150,000 km, 10150 (9.6%), which seemed even out till 100,000 km. On the other hand, imported used EV transactions have differed. The transactions of cars within 10000–50000 km of driving distance were the most active. This record took up 44.3% (2235) of the entire transaction record (5044). The transaction of cars under 10,000 km was 1887 (37.4%). Customers seem to love the cars with these two records the most. The rest of the records are: 50000–100000 km, 737 (14.6%), 100000–150000 km, 153 (3.0%).

An industry-related person said, "The transaction of used EVs (passenger cars) has increased 1000 times in past decade. In 2013, there were only 16 used EVs in Korea. Hence, I suspect that there will be a large increase until the end of the year."



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