[Consumption Value-April Project-Day of People with Disabilities ③] Activities that expand choices in transportation and various conveniences for people with disabilities
[Consumption Value-April Project-Day of People with Disabilities ③] Activities that expand choices in transportation and various conveniences for people with disabilities
  • Hayoung, Chang Reporter/ Yohan, Bok Reporter
  • 승인 2023.04.27 10:43
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20th of April is the 'Day of People with disabilities'. The 'Day of people with disabilities' is a day aiming to deepen understanding about neighborhoods with disabilities for Korean citizens while encouraging citizens with disabilities to do rehabilitation. Korea has been celebrating the day of people of disability since 1981. Earlier, the same day has been celebrated by a private organization as a day of rehabilitation since 1972. In 1991, officially, the day was established as a legal anniversary. So, I retrace the practice of social responsibility for people with disabilities as we celebrate the Day of people with disabilities.

On April 20, the Day of People with Disabilities, industries began activities that expanded choices in transportation for people with disabilities. (photo: Hyundai motors, Kia Greentrip)

[Consumerwide_Hayoung, Chang Reporter / Yohan, Bok Reporter]On April  20, the day of people with disabilities, industries began activities that expanded choices in transportation and various conveniences for people with disabilities.

A couple of things caught my eye: ways to overcome things that limit people with disabilities through technology, to expand choices for recreational facilities through donations from businesses, and to improve their ability to recognize products. This is a way of extending social values. In addition, continuing to watch over the steps of businesses can be considered an action of consumption value. In particular, I see that they've covered various barrier areas, which include transportation, visual impairment, and developmental disability.

Hyundai Motors is helping people with mobility issues caused by physical conditions through its robotics technology. On the 19th, an event was held at Seoul Asan Medical Center in order to celebrate a robot donation of Hyundai Motors. Hyundai Motors has donated 2 wearable robots for the walking rehabilitation robot treatment and medical research cooperation. Earlier, Hyundai Motors has been signing for 'Walking rehabilitation support program for walking disability patients' MOU, which involves 'Seoul Asan Medical Center' and 'Safety life practice citizen alliance'. According to the MOU, Hyundai car is supporting the 'rehabilitation treatment and related research project' which relies on medical-wearable robots for next 2 years. The same agreement has been signed with the National Rehabilitation Center. Hence, for the next 2 years, Hyundai plans to cooperate with the wearable robots and relevant research for the center.

The X-ble MEX is a medical-wearable robot that helps people with walking disabilities with the reconstruction of lower limb muscles and joint exercises. The X-ble was developed by the 'Robotics lab of Hyundai Motors'. And, it is going to work for two hospitals in cooperation.

The X-ble MEX supports five different actions: walking, standing, sitting, and stepping on stairs. Besides, length control on each part of the robot is possible according to the physical condition of the patient. In the sitting position, it is still easy to wear. This robot has won 2nd-level permission from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety this January.

Meanwhile, Kia Greentrip is expanding mobility choices for families with disabilities by providing a package trip. Kia, Jeju Air, Korea Railway, Hanwha Hotel and Resort, and Greenlight Corp. are cooperating on the package trip designed for the family with disabilities. Depending on the satisfaction level and taste of the package trip, four of the above businesses are providing more packages this June through additional donations. (Kia, Jeju Air, Korea Railway, Hanwha Hotel and Resort) Following this, a total of 84 people can experience the package trip every month by extending the number of participant families from 8 to 21.

In cooperation with Jeju Air, they are providing a "flight+car package," which provides a car designed for people with disabilities for 3 families every month, and in cooperation with KTX, they provide a 'train+car package' which also provides a car for the people with disabilities (monthly, 2 families). The application starts on April 20 on the Greentrip homepage.

Samsung Electronics is  supporting people with disabilities by providing a product with a special edition that is particularly designed for people with low vision. Based on the research showing that 90% of Korean citizens with visual impairments have low vision and that one of the most difficult parts of their regular days is cleaning, this service was designed. The product supports high contrast over 7:1 and AAA-level colors, which have the highest visable level, referring to the W3C, a web browser and server standard development organization, guideline. An introduction video was made considering people with low vision. Subtitles are designed with "on-gothic' and a size three times bigger than regular commercial TV subtitles, aiming at the elderly, presbyope, and people with low vision. The On-gothic font is invented by the Korea people with disabilities development center, and is known to be easy to recognize.


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