[Consumptions value-April project-Day of people with disabilities②] Communication·Home appliance industry is passing on the message, "Let's make a better life for the people with disabilities.
[Consumptions value-April project-Day of people with disabilities②] Communication·Home appliance industry is passing on the message, "Let's make a better life for the people with disabilities.
  • Jinil, Kang Reporter / Yohan, Bok Reporter
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Editor's Note : 20th of April is the 'Day of People with disabilities'. The 'Day of people with disabilities' is a day aiming to deepen understanding about neighborhoods with disabilities for Korean citizens while encouraging citizens with disabilities to do rehabilitation. Korea has been celebrating the day of people of disability since 1981. Earlier, the same day has been celebrated by a private organization as a day of rehabilitation since 1972. In 1991, officially, the day was established as a legal anniversary. So, I retrace the practice of social responsibility for people with disabilities as we celebrate the Day of people with disabilities.

Communication·Home appliance industry has been trying to improve the life of people with disabilities little by little as a part of practicing social responsibilities(Photo: Samsung electronics, LG electronics)

[Consumerwide_Jinil, Kang Reporter / Yohan, Bok Reporter]  Communication·Home appliance industry has been trying to improve the life of people with disabilities little by little as a part of practicing social responsibilities. April 20th is the 'Day of People with disabilities'. People with disabilities can be perceived as a target of consumption value for those businesses who are willing to practice social responsibility. For this reason, I would like to look closely at how the Communication and home appliance industries are doing social responsibilities.

LG electronics is hosting various activities to help with self-reliance of people with disabilities. First of all, they are giving away free user manuals for home appliance products. The manuals are made of image and text descriptions of the level of children and young people who are under the condition of developmental disability. In addition, LG electronics has been supporting an online education project, 'Honey taste rainbow school', hosted by the Seoul Education Research & Information Institute. This project aims to make education more accessible for students with Orthopedic impairment and who are in need of social protection. In addition, LG is contributing a 25 LG-gram notebook for university students living in a family with members of disabilities in agricultural areas till the end of the month. The goal of the project is to resolve the digital information gaps of people with disabilities who live in agricultural areas.

LG electronics is an initiative in terms of making their service more accessible for customers with disabilities. Recently, LG is offering a Digital-human sign language service, which they've invented exclusively, at the customer reception kiosk installed in 130 local service centers. Since two years ago, along with the sign language customer center, they've been providing a digital human sign language guide at the customer reception kiosk. Customers with hearing disabilities who have completed receipts in the sign language of a digital human, can also get a guide to a sign language customer center where they can communicate with sign language specialized counsellers over the screen. Besides, they are facilitating ▲product manuals in sign language∙video∙voice ▲braille sticker ▲advisory panel for customers with disabilities.

Samsung electronics has been bringing in the sign language consulting service at the on and offline stores since last August. Customers with hearing or speaking disabilities have access to screen consulting services. The communication involves a D'tailor who's the product specialized consultant from a simple information to main function demonstration and purchase consulting, and a sign language specialized interpretator. Samsung electronics has been operating the 'visually impaired customer specialized service' since 2011. A professional consultant who is also with visual impairment (low vision and visual field defect) is counseling from the same perspective as customers with visual impairment.

The communication industry is practicing social responsibility by expanding the accessibility of customers with disabilities to their service. KT is providing chat, sign language, email, and person(consultant) communication through 'Visual ARS', which service is particularly focused on customers with hearing impairment.

Through a 'straight call' service with an exclusive number, customers with visual impairment can talk with consultants straight without having through the ARS. Lately, they are also offering a sign language consultant service which uses video call functions on the Android and I- Phones. With Visual Coloring, customers can greet or give information in sign language to their friends or customers with disabilities. Besides, 130 consultants who are specialized in customers with disability (largest scale in domestic area) are providing a customized service based on slow, one at a time, repeating, waiting communication as far as customers with disability understand the whole process of consulting. KT CS center is practicing social responsibility by employing 150 consultants with disabilities.

SK telecom has been developing a visual-support AI service exclusively focused on people with visual impairment through a customer participant digital campaign last November. Based on the photo collections through an SNS challenge, which project was opened for any participant who wants to participate in making a happy world that is accessible for everyone through good influence while supporting the development of AI that supports social activities of people with visual impairment, SK has supported the 'Sullivan Plus studies' of a social venture Toart. The Sullivan Plus is the only AI-based visual support voice guide app in domestic areas. This helps people with visual impairment and low vision to recognize people, letters, objects, colors easily through a smartphone camera.

LGUplus has passed on a scholarship, 'Do-dream U+ magic account' for young people in a family with disabilities on Feb 28. The scholarship was given to 30 high school graduate students this year. The entire fund is 190 million won worth. The 'Dodream U+ Magic account' that began in 2010 is a matching-fund social contribution activity aimed at young people in a family with disabilities. Students are chosen every year when the participants are rolling in the 1st grade of high school and scholarships are given after 5 years, at the time of university registration or employment preparation.

'Dodream U+ magic account' was the first matching fund social contribution activity amongst private businesses. LGUplus has already been facilitating this project for the last 14 years to support young people in families with disabilities for social integration and emotional stability.


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