[Consumption value-May project-Car④] Car industry is practicing ESG...The social contribution includes sponsoring and volunteer activities.
[Consumption value-May project-Car④] Car industry is practicing ESG...The social contribution includes sponsoring and volunteer activities.
  • HueSoung, Jun Reporter / Yohan, Bok Reporter
  • 승인 2023.06.05 10:47
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The car industry is enhancing in ESG practice. / photo: provided by GM Korea business place, Volvo Car Korea, Porsche Korea

[Consumerwide_ HueSoung, Jun Reporter / Yohan, Bok Reporter] The car industry is practicing ESG. The social contribution includes sponsoring volunteer activities connected to environmental preservation and sustainable future making.

Social contribution activities attract customers who watch closely the steps of businesses rather than simply purchasing products out there. I am hoping that more businesses will participate in social contribution activities in future.

Porsche Korea has passed on scholarship on the 24th of May. Scholarships are given to scholars from disadvantaged families in various sectors, including art and sports specialized students, and employment preparation and professional certificate students. The entire scholarship fund counts 280 million won and this fund is granted to 75 students. Porsche Korea has been supporting the dream of students with extraordinary ability in various sectors, and the accumulated number of scholars is 188. Additionally, Porsche Korea has been continuing social contribution activities including indoor sports stadium construction, making green areas in the school, structuring a safe road environment, concerning children cooperating with Childfund.

Along with this, Porsche Korea facilitated staff and executive experimental activities at the 'Believe in Dream' honeybee garden located in Daemosan on the 23rd. The event was held to raise awareness about the importance of honeybees, which face habitat loss, and the environment by expanding green areas which are made out of honey plants. On the day of the event, approx. 20 staff and executives had time to rest and reflect away from routine by participating in the Bee Sound mental therapy program that connects brain therapy and the frequency of bee buzzing.

Porsche Korea is starting a city apiculture farm at the Havier international school in Jongrogu and Yeouido Scout building this year. A Porsche Korea-related person said, "People who establish a dream make the world colorful and plentiful. Porsche Korea supports the future dream of the 'Dream-up' students absolutely. In addition, we are planning to raise awareness of the honeybees as a means of environmental preservation and a sustainable future through various 'Believe in Dream' experimental activities."

Volvo Car Korea began ESG practice by hosting staff and executives voluntary work at the Purume Social Farm on the 11th and 8th, for two days. The Purume Social Farm, a 'Domestic no.1 Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities' Business Standard' has been established to support financial freedom of young adults with disabilities so that they may continue their lives as affiliate social members. Currently, 53 young adults with intellectual or physical disabilities are employed. Staff and executives of Volvo Car Korea participated in supporting them from harvesting to removing tomato nodes, which is a post-manufacturing process.

Volvo Car Korea has been facilitating various social contribution activities, such as sponsoring Purume foundation, which is a non-governmental organization that supports financial freedom and rehabilitation of children and teens with disabilities (2017), beginning a policy that limits the use of disposable plastic in the entire Volvo car workplace and marketing activity (2019), and hosting 'Hej Plogging', an environment-friendly running event which picks up trashes while running, for last four continous years. A person from Volvo Car Korea said, "We will continue various activities, and think about our role in Korean society in terms of contribution in a way that is healthier, safe, and sustainable."

Meanwhile, GM Korea Foundation of GM Korea is advancing in making a sustainable local environment. GM Korea Foundation has contributed to installing an electric car charging station and made an electric car donation on the 17th for the area. One electric car has passed onto the volunteer center in Bupyounggu, and one electric car charging station was installed at the Navi-gongwon(park), which is a public facility for the local people. Along with this, staff and executives, including the top executives, volunteer workers from GM Korea participated in improving the local environment by planting and transplanting flowers and trees in the Navi-gongwon. A GM Korea related person said, "This electric car donation and charging station contribution are our step towards automation and reducing carbon in the local area. We are looking forward to contributing to establishing a sustainable environment in the local area."


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