[April project-consumption value car①] 1st quarter, the hybrid car is leading consumption value ..compared to last year, a 39.0% increase
[April project-consumption value car①] 1st quarter, the hybrid car is leading consumption value ..compared to last year, a 39.0% increase
  • HueSoung, Jun Reporter / Yohan, Bok Reporter
  • 승인 2023.04.11 17:15
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During the 1st quarter, Hyundai's Grandeur Hybrid car led the consumption value of domestic eco-friendly cars./photo: consumerwide DB

[Consumerwide_ HueSoung, Jun Reporter / Yohan, Bok Reporter] Along with February, the movement of eco-friendly cars is strong in the new car market during March.The value-consumption has increased by choosing the new hybrid car. During the 1st quarter, the hybrid car was the main player(considering consumption value) of eco-friendly cars.

On the 7th, followed by the data Consumerwide has received from the Carisyou data lab,  the number of new car registrations during March was 174540, which is a 28.3% increase from last month, and a 21.1% increase from 2022, the same month. According to the fuel type, the increase in the hybrid car has increased noticeably.

During March, Gasolin had stopped by a 19.1%(86579) increase compared to last month and a 19.6% increase compared to the same month last year.

On the other hand, Hybrid cars recorded 27734 during March, which is a 38.9% increase from last month and 48.5% increase from the same month last year. Considering the increased rate, this means that the consumption value of customers who care about the environment is growing. This also happened in the 1st quarter sales record. During the 1st quarter, gasoline recorded 241742, which is a 19.4% increase compared to the same quarter last year. But the hybrid car has recorded 68249, which is a 39% increase. In the aspect of market share, the hybrid car(15.1%) couldn't exceed the diesel car(19.5%) during the 1st quarter, but considering the flow, soon it will take the lead.

Then, what would the hybrid car be, which is chosen by consumers who value the environment? First of all, referring to March, the domestic(Korean) car was the main stream considering the hybrid car. For imported cars, Japanese cars have led the hybrid car market.

In the case of the domestic cars, the Hyundai Grandeur hybrid(GN7) led the consumption value by recording 5888. The record continues with ▲Kia Sorento hybrid(MQ4) 4422 ▲Kia K8 hybrid(GL3) 3170 ▲Kia Sportage hybrid(NQ5) 2743 ▲Hyundai car Tucson hybrid(NX4) 1930 ▲Hyundai car New Santafe hybrid(TM) 1678 ▲Kia Niro(SG2) 1335 ▲Hyundai car Avante hybrid(CN7) by 1046 ▲Kia K5 hybrid(DL3) by 990 ▲Hyundai car Kona hybrid(SX2) by 898. In the case of imported cars, the Lexus ES(7th generation) has the lead consumption value by recording a 1003. The Lexus ES(7th gen) ranked 9th in the entire car competition. The record continues with ▲Toyota RAV4(5th gen) 294 ▲Toyota Camry(8th gen) 279 ▲Lexus NX(2nd gen) 264 ▲Toyota Sienna(4the gen) 187 ▲Benz GLC(2nd gen) 128 ▲BMW X5(4th gen) 109 ▲Lexus UX 97 ▲Porsche Cayenne(3rd ge) 90 ▲BMW 5 series(7th gen) 85.

Referring to the 1st quarter, the flow is similar. For domestic(Korean) cars, the Hyundai Grandeur hybrid(GN7) has the lead consumption value at 12925. It continues with ▲Kia Sorento hybrid(MQ4) 10273 ▲Kia K8 hybrid(GL3) 8070 ▲Kia Sportage Hybird(NQ5) 7652 ▲Hyundai car Tucson hybrid(NX4) 4973 ▲Hyundai car New Santafe hybrid(TM) 4625 ▲Kia Niro(SG2) 4022 ▲Hyundai car Avante hybrid(CN7) 2761 ▲Kia K5 hybrid(DL3) 2538 ▲Hyundai car Sonata hybrid(DN8) 1349.

For imported cars, the Lexus ES(7th gen) has proved to be a main stream by recording a 2446. It continues with ▲Toyota RAV4(5th gen) 694 ▲Lexus NX(2nd gen) 642 ▲Toyota Camry(8th gen) 501 ▲Toyota Sienne(4th gen) 483 ▲BMW 5series(7th gen) 246 ▲Porsche Cayenne(3rd gen) 210 ▲Benz GLC(2nd gen) 197 ▲BMW X5(4th gen) 195 ▲Honda CR-V(5the gen) 167.

An industry-related person said, "It seems to be consumers who care about the environment choose eco-friendly cars rather than diesel cars. For the electric car section, hybrid cars are mainstream to electric cars because of the convenience of driving distance and charge. It can be seen as a transition period moving to the pure electric cars from the internal combustion engine cars. The hybrid car sales record may increase even more for a while."



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