[Beauty issue] LG Household and Health, 'Reen, Muldeulim(tinting)' domestic gray hair care shampoo no.1...the secret was...
[Beauty issue] LG Household and Health, 'Reen, Muldeulim(tinting)' domestic gray hair care shampoo no.1...the secret was...
  • HueSoung, Jun Reporter / Yohan, Bok Reporter
  • 승인 2022.08.16 00:10
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- 2 months after its release, Reen sold the most in the Korean market.
- It seemed to prove the effectiveness and stability of the product; in terms of grey hair cover, and ingredient safety.

[Consumerwide_ HueSoung, Jun Reporter / Yohan, Bok Reporter] LG household and health, Reen, Muldeulim is causing a sensation in the domestic gray hair care shampoo market.

Being late entrants, yet climbed up to 1st place in shampoo and conditioner market, analyzed by a market research company on 11th. Currently, the gray hair care market has been dominated by 3 companies, Modamoda, Amorepacific, and LG H&H.

On the 11th, Nilson Korea reported 'Reen Muldeulim natural brown color shampoo' has taken 1st place in sales during May and June by owning a 4.6% market share across the shampoo and conditioner product category. Among the top 100 items, it was still showing a 4.6% market share and a 2.6% point difference from the product on 2nd. 2nd and 3rd products had not been opened to the public.

The sale record of Muldeulim is increasing overall in Homeshopping and online channels. The accumulated sale record of Muldeulim has exceeded 10 billion won(selling price), heading towards 20 billion won. It's been 45 days since its release. 

In three big markets, Emart, Lottemart, and Homeplus, Reen has been loved by customers. Reen took 1st place last June, in the hair category sale.

Reen is establishing solid ground in the Homeshopping channel as well. TV home shopping used to be dominated by Modamoda.

However, Reen Muldeulim sold 1 bottle every 3.8 seconds between 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm show on the last 12th of July. (including shampoo and treatment)

It's been selling well in an online mall. GS shop sold 27 products every minute on the 11th of March while the launching live show was on. It was the best-selling item on that day among the GS live shows. During the 7 days of the launching event, Muldeulim won no.1 in the online household product category.

Based on strong skills, LG H&H could stand in the gray hair care shampoo market as a late entrant. 'Reen Muldeulim' shampoo and treatment started with the idea of Korean traditional nail coloring. Little women in Korea used garden balsam flowers to dye their fingernails, and alum was added to make the color clear and permanent. Hence this Mudeulim is containing a black tint complex replacing alum.

 This ingredient is made of black beans·black sesame extract, flower extract (safflower, gardenia seeds), polyphenol (of LG), collagen, and protein. Safflower and gardenia seeds are known as traditional dying materials.

Just by shampooing daily, it is possible to cover your gray hair with a refined brown color. Moreover, the ingredient of shampoo is harmless by omitting 20kinds of chemical components such as surfactant, and an oxidizing agent (for hair dye). Muldeulim obtained an excellent level in SIT(skin irritation test) and Dermatest (Germany) for skin safety. Global research reported that 96.7% of 30 people were satisfied with color changes after experimenting Muldeulim between the 13th of April and the 11th of May.

LG H&H related person said in the interview with Consumerwide, "What's so special about our product is that just by shampooing 3weeks time hair color changes naturally, like traditional flower dyes. As well our product is safe by omitting 20 chemical components. It already had been a big issue in the gray hair care market, safety of ingredients and the effect. It probably is the reason that our customers love us."

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