[Distribution wide] Coupang·11ST·Gmarket, E-commerce is continuing the 'Haeoe-jikgu' discount sale on Cyber Monday
[Distribution wide] Coupang·11ST·Gmarket, E-commerce is continuing the 'Haeoe-jikgu' discount sale on Cyber Monday
  • Yohan, Bok Reporter
  • 승인 2022.11.29 23:12
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Coupang·11ST·Gmarket are offering a 'Haeoe-jikgu' (Overseas-Direct import goods) discount sale event on Cyber Monday till end of Nov.

Lotteon is offering an early 'Christmas Toyfesta' till 11th of Dec.

[Consumerwide_ Yohan, Bok Reporter] Continuing Black Friday, this time e-commerce is offering an exceptional 'Haeoe-jikgu' (Overseas-Direct import goods) discount sale through various events including Cyber Monday till the end of Nov. Because there has been a high increase in 'Haeoe-jikgu' sales during Nov.

Gmarket compared the period between the 1st of Nov and 23rd to the same period last year, and discovered that luxuries, home-appliances, and health food sold 'like hotcakes'. The sales record of luxury goods, which is a major jikgu-player traditionally, increased by 229% while the sales record of digital appliances, which are made in a high price range, was increasing; sound equipments (140%), kitchen appliances (136%), seasonal appliances (92%), mobile/tablets (70%), video appliences (68%). Health food won popularity by recording 83% compared to Oct. Besides, iPhones, air pods, amp speakers, portable monitors and camping heaters were ranked in the top 20.

On the 28th, followed by the industry, Coupang ran into the Cyber Monday discount event on the coming Cyber Monday. The event is held until 30th of Nov. Cyber Monday is the first Monday right after the American Thanksgiving holiday​, and it is counted as a Black Friday for the online shopping industry. Coupang offers max. 75% discount coupons, which can be additionally applied for purchase, during the event period. Customers with over 100 thousand won orders get an additional 10 thousand won discount. At the same time, ‘Inghi-Teukga' (special deal for popular items), 'Theme deal', 'Brand deal', NBA fan store' discount events are offered. Health food incl. Jarrow lactobacillus and Doctor's best MSM, popular digital items incl. Lenovo tablet, Xiaomi Redminote, QCY earplugs, and Nothing phone one, and beauty products incl. M.A.C &Labseries, YSL, are sold at discount prices. The 'theme deal' is made of products including in-between season health, winter season beauty, and winter appliances, aimed at the customers who are ​​preparing for winter. 'Brand deal' sells popular Jikgu(direct import goods) products including Jarrow, Starbucks, Lenovo, Logitech.  'NBA fan store' offers the retro uniforms of NBA legends with 25% discount price. A Coupang related person said, "We are offering the discount event with a special deal during the 3 days that our Coupang customers might enjoy Cyber Monday culture with us. This would be a wonderful shopping opportunity for the customers who're checking out popular overseas products as well as those who missed Black Friday."

Meanwhile, 11ST is offering a discount event on the 28th along with Cyber Monday. The event period is till the end of this month. (Nov) Max. 80% discount sale is offered for the millions of products handled in the Amazon US products (11ST Amazon global store) and 'Haeoe-jikgu'(Overseas import goods) category popular items. 8pm, on that day, 'Live11' live broadcasting Cyber Monday is going to be on air, which channel you can watch Jikgu items live. 'Haeoe-jikgu' product discount is continued as well, which event handles 2.5 million item selection based on popular products among 'Jikgu-jok'(overseas direct import good customers). Ihurb, Opledotcom nutritional supplements are offered with a max 50% discount. 'LG 75inch UHD TV' is offered at 1.4 million won range, the price is 300 thousand won inexpensive (incl. customs duty) comparing other products with similar specification in domestic market, and 'LG 86inch UHD TV' is offered at 2.1 million won range.

Gmarket and Auction are offering a 'Haeoe-jikgu big sale' till the coming 30th. All categories of 'Haeoe-jikgu' products are offered at a max 50% discount. According to the purchase amount, max 20% discount coupons are offered. A maximum 100 thousand won immediate discount benefit is offered for event credit card users. During the big sales period, 8pm, special live broadcasting is on air, which program offers a live-commerce special deal and benefits. On the 28th, camping air tents from Naturehike, on the 29th, various health foods from OPLEdotcom, and on the 30th, luxury products from Withmillano sourced by local experts are on sale. A Gmarket related person said, "This is a 'Haeoe-jikgu big sale' prepared as we're facing the Year-end consumption high season, which is a chance to purchase popular overseas products with a special price benefit. I hope you won't miss it."

On the other hand, Lotteon is offering the early 'Christmas Toyfesta'. The event period is between 28th of Nov and 11th of Dec. During the event period, a max 60% discount is offered on the products, which include toys from Lego, Hellocarbot, Mimiworld, Youngtoys, that are popular for  Christmas gifts.  20 popular brands, including Lego, Hello carbot, Mimiworld, Youngtoys, are offered at a max 50% discount price. Max 20% discount coupons, which can be additionally applied according to brands, and max 10% immediate discount benefit for event credit card users, are offered. Discount rates overlap, a max 60% discount rate is offered. Limited editions of Lego, Jurassic World, Pororo, which products were uneasy to purchase due to out of stock, and popular products are offered in discount price during the event. For the popular products sale, one brand every day is selected during the period, and offered at a discount price. Toysrus mall is offering an exclusive early online event between the 28th of Nov and the 7th of Dec. Popular products, whose brands include Lego, Sylvanian, Hasbro, are offered at a discount price. Purchases with an event card ( Lotte) get a max 10% immediate discount under the condition of a Minium 70 thousand won order.



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