[Car Wide] Cadillac·Maserati·Kia, new release..SUV vs light vehicle
[Car Wide] Cadillac·Maserati·Kia, new release..SUV vs light vehicle
  • Yohan, Bok Reporter
  • 승인 2022.11.19 14:25
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Cadillac is releasing the representative of the Cadillac SUV 2023 Esclade, which model exposes its presence in the large SUV market, and the 2023 XT6.

Maserati is releasing the Grecale, the 2nd SUV in the brand's history in the domestic market.

Kia is releasing the Gravity, design-differentiated version of 'The new Kia Ray'.
 Cadillac·Maserati·Kia, the Korean and global car companies are releasing new models as they begin the domestic market attack.

[Consumerwide_ Yohan, Bok Reporter] Cadillac·Maserati·Kia, the Korean and global car companies are releasing new models as they begin the domestic market attack. Cadillac and Maserati are presenting SUVs while Kia is presenting the light vehicle. In particular, Cadillac is targeting the large SUV market and Maserati is aiming at the luxury SUV market.

On the 17th, followed by the industry, Cadillac has released the 2023 Esclade and XT, targeting the large SUV market, which has recently won high popularity. The 2023 Escalade is an Escalade ESV that has extended the Escalade and space drastically. The 2023 Escalade 'Sports platinum' applied 'Gloss Black' and showed its presence fully. The 'Premium luxury platinum' has emphasized the luxury feeling with chrome and Galvano Grille which has applied a horizontal bar pattern. The 2023 Escalade has installed a 6.2L V8 gasoline direct spray engine, which performs a strong performance of max output of 426 hp, max torque 63.6kg•m. It installed 10 levels of automatic transmission and a 4-wheel Drive System, which helps with safe and stable driving in any conditions.

In addition, by loading the Magnetic Ride Control, which's been approved with the fastest suspension response, even vehicles with a huge body can move more promptly. The Air ride adoptive suspension, which controls the height of the vehicle max 75mm according to the drive and stop conditions, remarkably restrains body roll and up-down vibration.

The 2023 Escalade provides 2 times improved quality than the 4K level TV, three divided field on the 38 inch curved-OLED display, which helps easily check and control various vehicle information, and various technology and convenient specifications are applied, which specification includes ▲AKG Studio Reference Sound System with 36 speakers, which system perform the highest sound quality, ▲Augmented Reality Navigation, ▲Night vision and Console Refrigerator with Freezer Mode.

Cost ranges for the 2023 Escalade are; 155.57 million won (special consumption tax 3.5%) for the Sports platinum & the Premium luxury platinum treme, and 165.57 million won (special consumption tax 3.5%) for the 2023 Escalade ESV.

Cadillac also released the 2023 XT6.  2023 XT6 installed a 3.6 liter 6 cylindered gasoline direct spray engine that performs a max output of 314hp and max torque 37.5kg•m, automatic of 9 transmission, electronic transmission level system, and 20 inch premium wheel. Having these specifications, it is capable of performing relaxing and exquisite driving. At the same time, active yaw control that responds immediately to the road surface and effectively controls body movement, continuous damping control, and active handling are installed.

Brembo performance front break is installed for the stable brake. In addition, safe assistant techniques, which include the authentic 'Cadillac cutting edge technology', are applied. This technology includes ▲Adoptive cruise control that self-controls speed ▲Alarm system that notifies intuitively of dangers surrounding the vehicle, and haptic seat ▲Auto brake and pedestrian sensing emergency brake ▲Night vition that increases visibility during night driving.

2023 XT6 is able to board in the 3rd row. The 3rd row is enough even for a male passenger. Trunk can store max. 2229 liters when both 2nd and 3rd row seats are folded, which can be perceived as a max level space utilization comparing vehicles at the same level.  The 2023 XT6 has been released as a sports single trim, and the price is set at 84.41 million won (special consumption tax 3.5%).

A Cadillac-related person said, "We've released the flagship SUV-Escalade, which is exposing its presence with overpowering design and commercial value, EScalade ESV, and the large 3 row luxury SUV-XT6 2023, which provides maximum driving experience with space utilization. We're going to accelerate in targetting the large SUV market. The large SUV market has been highly popular recently."

While Cadillac is focusing on the large SUV market, Macerati is aiming at the luxury SUV market. Maserati has been released onto the domestic market as the second SUV in the brand's history. Grecale, which shares the identity of MC20, the Macerati super sports car, is operated by 3 trims, which are ▲GT, which has installed a 300hp mild hybrid engine, ▲Modena, which has installed a 330hp mild hybrid engine, and ▲Trofeo version with high performance that has installed 530hp V6 engine, which engine is based on the Nettuno engine like the MC20. The Trefeo is equipped with a max 285km/h speed, and 3.5sec driving capacity from 0km/h to 100km/h. Grecale design has a proper balance between a sporty and elegant image. The vertical dimension has strengthened more than the horizontal dimension. Grecale body is sized, in GT model standard, length 4850㎜, width 1950㎜, height 1670㎜, and wheelbase 2901㎜. In Moderna and Trofeo standards, the whole width is 30mm wider. Grecale includes a digital screen that can change skin according to personal preference, a 12.3inch center display with touch mode, an 8.8 inch comfort display, a headup display, and a digital watch, which is the first digital watch applied in brand history. The cost of Grecale starts from 99 million won.

Among the domestic brands, Kia has released Gravity, which is a design differentiated model  of 'The new Kia Ray', on that day. Gravity has a strong image by applying a new design element based on the highest signature trim of Ray.

Front center garnish(deco) and the rear talegate garnish had applied a dark metal color, which color gives a solid impression. ▲front∙rear skid plate (under bumper area), ▲A-pillar, ▲roof, ▲outside mirror had applied a black color. This gives a classy atmosphere. The Gravity model has 3 exterior color choices: ▲Clear white, ▲Milky bassy, ▲Aqua mint, and it costs 18.15 million won.

A Kia related person said, "In order to respond to various customer needs, we've additionally released a Gravity model. We perceive that the Gravity model may meet the customer needs which customers seek for personality through a visible element change such as the front center garnish."




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