[Reporter's note] Can probiotics consumption for your children be a value-consumption?
[Reporter's note] Can probiotics consumption for your children be a value-consumption?
  • Youngchul, Woo Reporter/ Yohan, Bok Reporter
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Depending on the probiotics' product type and quality, your children can greatly suffer from them. In order to prevent unexpected disaster in your purchase, but make it a value consumption, purchase process and the way to ingest matter. (Photo: Consumerwide DB) (사진:

[Consumerwide-Youngchul, Woo Reporter/ Yohan, Bok Reporter] Getting through the time of Covid19, the importance of the immune system began settling in the very heart of society. As a byproduct, probiotics, which are known to be beneficial for the gut while governing the immune system, are attracting many customers. Referring to "2022 Health functional food trend and current consumer behavior research" published by the Korea health functional food association, probiotics is one of the most consumed health functional food products by Koreans.

The market scale of probiotics has increased to 891.3 bn won in 2022 from 190.3 bn won in 2016, which is a fourfold growth in five years. Followed by Health functional food association, 48.6%, which is about half of householders in Korea, purchased probiotics in 2021. This can be interpreted as consumers who prioritize health purchased probiotics.

 Probiotics are lactic acid bacteria that assist settlement of beneficial bacteria in our guts while defending any pathogenic bacteria. Thus, if one ingests lactic acid bacteria every day, this will enhance digestion by increasing exercise of the gut as well and contribute to improving colorectal diseases including cancer.

Immune capacity covers not only adults but children. More customers are purchasing probiotics for their children to improve their immune capacity. Nevertheless, this 'healthy product' could become a resource for suffering if you simply believe in the advertisements. According to the Korean consumer agency, some children's probiotics products in the market are found to include more or less nutrition than what's been promoted. In particular, vitamins and minerals went over the recommended intake. A number of nutritions, including fat soluble vitamins can bring reaction if over-taken. For this reason, it has got to be watched at the intake point.

On the condition of that, how can I purchase probiotics that work the best for my children? Purchases for my children can definitely fall into the value consumption category. First of all, the more lactic acid bacteria is the better. The Ministry of food and drug safety of Korea recommend 0.1 bn to 10 bn of lactic acid bacteria intake for one day. You can always refer to the nutrition function information on your probiotics product about the total amount of lactic acid bacteria in one capsule. However, the number of lactic acid bacteria is accountable till the expiry date. Besides, if the product contains various types of lactic acid bacteria rather than a single type, it will have a synergy effect. Hence, the better.

When you purchase probiotics, eating prebiotics that feed sound bacteria together can help efficient absorption.

In particular, if you take a new type of biotic product that contains fructo-oligosaccharides, dietary fiber, which are the presentative components of prebiotics, this contributes to more settlement of sound bacteria in one's gut.

Among children's products, there are ones with mixed nutrients which include vitamins and zinc. If you are already taking nutrients other than your probiotics, it is better to choose a pure probiotic product. However, in the case that you have bought or given mixed prebiotics with zinc and vitamins, then I recommend you to check any over wrapping nutrition between your nutrient products.

The way to retain your probiotics is crucial as well. Each product has a different way of keeping. If it's a product for staying cool, you have got to keep it in a cool condition. Products at room temperature are to be kept in a cool but not cold condition to prevent quality change. After purchase, following instructions for daily intake is necessary. And, it is recommended to consume as soon as possible.

The number of lactic acid bacteria in probiotic products decreases as time lapses. In addition, the lactic acid bacteria can work effectively when it's ingested for 2 continuous weeks at minimum. Most of all, I urge you not to give credence to any product advertisement. The price range for probiotics products varies to ten folds, at maximum depending on the mixture of additional nutrients and types of the bacteria. The cost doesn't necessarily tell the quality. A purchase with thorough research and logical sense makes the best consumption. This is what I mean by value-consumption.


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