[Reporter's note] The price of Sulwhasoo Yoonjo Essence, which costs an extra 10 thousand won, along with an aggressive sample product covering during the Month of appreciation
[Reporter's note] The price of Sulwhasoo Yoonjo Essence, which costs an extra 10 thousand won, along with an aggressive sample product covering during the Month of appreciation
  • HueSoung, Jun Reporter / Yohan, Bok Reporter
  • 승인 2023.05.31 17:01
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Better lower price than inefficient sample attack.
Amorepacific Sulwhasoo Yoonjo Essence (Right 6th gen, left 5th gen, middle container-change 5th gen version) / photo: HueSoung Jun Reporter

[Consumerwide_ HueSoung, Jun Reporter / Yohan, Bok Reporter] In early March, Amorepacific raised the price of 6th gen. Sulwhasoo Yoonjo Essense (90ml), which is a new release product, is 10 thousand won more expensive.

Later on, as we celebrated the Month of appreciation, Amorepacific began to pour out sample products of New Yoonjo Essence to customers. Yet,other Sulwhasoo promotion sets are worse compared to the New Yoonjo Essence. I feel the way they promote using sample products is rather aggressive, like carpet bombing. Sample products cost in the process of manufacturing. I wonder why they use massive amounts of samples instead of lowering the price of the product, which is probably more beneficial for customers and the environment.

On the 3rd of March, which is three days after the release of New Yoonjo Essence, the reporter, I, visited Sulwhasoo store located in a department store. By the time of visit, there was only one type (90ml) of New Yoonjo Essence. The price was 140 thousand won, which was a 7.1% (10 thousand won) increase from the 5th gen. Yoonjo Essence (90ml). A sales staff told me at the point of purchase that "The cost has been raised because of the container design which applied Korean traditional beauty and sustainability along with an ingredient upgrade." They didn't give a few free giveaways when I was purchasing. The staff said that they can't give more because the head office manages overall.

A mobile shopping live broadcast screen cut.

However, Amorepacific has turned to give out a massive number of sample products as the Month of appreciation has begun. Through a mobile shopping live broadcast, Amorepacific has given away 10 types of experiment kit along with a 10% discount on the New Yoonjo Essence product till 7th of March, which was Mother's day. At the Sulwhasoo official shopping mall, they were giving away the Antiaging Bestseller KIT.

The New Yoonjo Essence is rather mild compared to the Set products, which were made of tons of sample products.

At the Mobile Shopping live, they have given away three product sets of Jaeumsoo, Jaeumyuaek, elastic cream, and 5 additional sample products. Plus, 10 other experiment kits are given. In other words, 15 sample products are given for each product sale.

An openmarket has provided 16 samples, including Sulwhasoo Jaeum 2 type set, 5 promotion samples, and additional giveaways. Seoulhwasoo elastic 3-type promotional set is made of a total of 18 samples, which includes 5 types of internal sales samples, and an additional 13 types of samples.

B openmarket sales page photo.

Regarding the massive sample giveaway, an Amorepacific related person said during the interview with Consumerwide, "Giveaway samples(experiment products) are one of the common promotion methods that many cosmetics businesses have taken for decades. As we celebrate the Month of appreciation, we meant to pass on our heart of gratitude towards customers who loved us by giving out more samples. We perceive that customers get the benefit as much as the value of the samples. In the aspect of that, we are opening up the opportunity for a branded product. I see that this is a promotion beyond discount benefits."

Just as the staff of Amorepacific said, giving away samples is one of the most common ways to promote products of cosmetics businesses. But, time changed. Let's double check what Amorepacific recently announced regarding the New Yoonjo Essence. Amorepacific said that they aimed for the MZ generation for their new release, the New Yoonjo Essence. The MZ generation is known to be consuming based on their own values, including environmental protection. Then giving out sample products can be a value-based consumption?

Giving away more sample products can be a means of value consumption in the aspect of reducing the expense of cosmetics.  However, the sample products aren't free. A simple product itself bears the cost of the product customers are purchasing. In addition, considering that cosmetics containers, in particular the containers of the samples, aren't recycled, we can conclude that the production of the sample containers pollutes the environment. (refer to related reports) Not only so, the product itself also pollutes the land and water if it is wasted without using.

Amorepacific promotes practicing ESG management. Here, I am about to raise a question. Is giving away samples a part of your ESG management as well? Why not lower the price instead of giving out sample products on a long-term plan?


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