[Consumption value- May project- Month of appreciation ②] Month of appreciation, businesses are practicing ESG including donations...they're spreading sharing-values.
[Consumption value- May project- Month of appreciation ②] Month of appreciation, businesses are practicing ESG including donations...they're spreading sharing-values.
  • Jinil, Kang Reporter / Yohan, Bok Reporter
  • 승인 2023.05.17 12:17
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Reporter's note- In the month of appreciation, businesses are initiating ESG practices, including donations. Service, sharing, and contribution are one of the guidance for the consumption-value-based customers. In particular, in May, the month of appreciation, a number of businesses initiate various activities. If you are a customer based on consumption value, you have to check out steps of businesses regarding social responsibility.

On the 4th, according to the industry, BAT Rothmans staff and executives are practicing sharing values. (photo: BAT Rothmans)

[Consumerwide_Jinil, Kang Reporter / Yohan, Bok Reporter] Celebrating the 5th and 8th of May, the Children's and Parents' day, more businesses are practicing sharing values. Each industry, including the area of cigarettes, distribution, online platforms, passed on the news about sharing, contribution, and volunteer work.

On the 4th, according to the industry, BAT Rothmans staff and executives are volunteering as they celebrate the Month of appreciation. The staff and executives made 'Plaster air freshener' in carnation shape through Hands-on, which is a volunteer activity to make gifts, on the 28th of April. The project initially aimed to pass on small yet warm hearts to elderly people who live in solitude.

Plaster air fresheners which they made were passed to Junggu office on the 2nd of May. Junggu office is going to hand them out to elderly people living alone in the Junggu area on Parents' day. BAT Rothmans is starting off practising share values through ESG management.

In cooperation with Korea welfare service (KWS), BAT Rothmans has been practicing sharing and donations for the last 8 years, starting in 2016. In addition, last May, they made a business agreement with KWS to build bases for financial independence of young people and single-parent families. In the same month, they made another agreement, ‘Kkot-BAT campaign’(the word means flower garden in Korean), with Domestic nature preservation central association and Seoul metropolitan council to prohibit illegal trash dumps in downtown.

Meanwhile, Yogiyo is hosting a 'Da-yang-han han-kki'(various one meal) campaign which donates meals to children from disadvantaged families cooperating with Seoul Seongdonggu volunteering center.

The 'Dayanghan Hankki’ campaign is an un-tact food(meal) voucher donation business for children from disadvantaged families hosted by Yogiyo. In this way, children from disadvantaged families can get food without other children noticing it, because they get to order food through the Yogiyo app individually. This year, Yogiyo is donating yogiyo vouchers to 300 children from Seongdonggu local children's center, and each child gets a voucher worth 10 thousand won.

Musinsa is supporting expenses for shoes, clothes, and glossaries while donating goods directly to children domestically and overseas. They are donating sports brand children's shoes, sweat shirts, and trousers worth 35 million won for children in Vietnam through Goodneighbours. Additionally, Musinsa is paying for shopping expenses worth 10 million won for Eden I Ville, a childcare facility in Seongdonggu, Seoul. This project is intended to give a choice for children by paying expenses rather than goods. Earlier, Musinsa has been hosting donation activities besides this project. In January, Musinsa Player cooperated with ambassador Jo Wonhee and donated profit from contents worth 60 thousand won to Seungil Hope Foundation. In February,  they passed on winter clothes worth 380 million won for Turkey earthquake restoration support.

Meanwhile, Yanolja has donated to Korea Childhood Leukemia Foundation as they celebrate Children's Day in the Month of appreciation. Yanolja had been constantly supporting pediatric cancer child patients who were facing financial crisis due to treatment expenses since 2010 through the Korea Childhood Leukemia Foundation. They are donating expenses for hospital administration and treatment and a program to reduce mental and social difficulties accompanied by long-term treatment. The accumulated record of Yanolja donation is 900 million won, and their activities, which include family domestic travel support, passing cheer-kits, hosting charity golf tournaments, are aimed at sponsoring families of pediatric cancer children.

Homenshopping has donated goods worth 100 million won on 2nd of May to those who are directly exposed to the climate crisis. The donation goods are sold (4th May) at the Pohangiedong branch and Gumiindong branch as a 'Special Sale on the Month of appreciation in cooperation with Homenshopping'. Profits through the sales are used for the 'Na-num Bo-tta-ri' (Sharing package) project of the Beautifulstore, purposing to support citizens directly exposed to the climate, during the severe hot summer season.


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