[Consumption Value-May project-Month of appreciation ①] Service, sharing, and contribution to the Month of appreciation...focused on consumption-value
[Consumption Value-May project-Month of appreciation ①] Service, sharing, and contribution to the Month of appreciation...focused on consumption-value
  • Jinil, Kang Reporter / Yohan, Bok Reporter
  • 승인 2023.05.15 10:47
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Reporter's note- In the month of appreciation, businesses are initiating ESG practices, including donations. Service, sharing, and contribution are one of the guidance for the consumption-value-based customers. In particular, in May, the month of appreciation, a number of businesses initiate various activities. If you are a customer based on consumption value, you have to check out steps of businesses regarding social responsibility.

In the month of appreciation, May, businesses are practicing ESG through sharing. Photo: each company

[Consumerwide_Jinil, Kang Reporter / Yohan, Bok Reporter] In the month of appreciation, May, businesses are acting out to share growth, which is a part of ESG practice.

On the 2nd, followed by industry, Samsung electronics is hosting the 'Month of appreciation' campaign. It is held during the whole month of May. The campaign is for the staff and executives of Samsung electronics. Every time the staff and executive verify their employee card on the Nanum(sharing) kiosk at work, 1000 won is donated.

Samsung Electronics is focusing on sponsoring 20 children during a month. Children with rare and intractable disorders, severe disabilities, or children from a family of a single parent (including a single mother), multi-culture, and those who are desperately in need get support.

The Nanum Kiosk is made by the idea of staff and executives of Samsung Electronics Gumi branch staff association, in 2015.

Since then, not only the domestic branches but also overseas branches are running the Nanum Kiosk, which has been expanded 35 in domestic branches, and 24 in overseas branches. The overseas branches include the US, China, India, Vietnam, Thailand.

2.64 billion has been passed to the 580 children through the Nanum Kiosk in the domestic area for last 8 years. Along with this, Samsung Electronics staff and executives are donating monthly from their salary through a covenant program. Also, they contribute with talents.

Philip Morris International Korea is practicing sharing growth with local society as they celebrate the Month of appreciation. They sponsor the comic opera, 'The Elixir of Love' (L'elisir d'amore) for citizens of Yansansi. The concert is held at 2pm and 6pm on 13th at the Culture and Arts Center Grand Hall, Yangsansi. Philip Morris International Korea is donating a number of seats among 800 seats for inviting citizens who are underprivileged from cultural activities.

LG Artcenter Seoul is contributing concert tickets through sharing seat events. Gangseo area firefighters, policeofficers, social welfare officers, environmental officers, and children's protection organizations of Savethechildren are getting the benefit. A total of 800 tickets were donated. Earlier, the LG Artcenter Seoul donated 350 tickets for the workers of a children's welfare and social safety facility in Oct, 2022.

Since 2018, Lotte Chemical has been sponsoring a music class, 'Mom-pyeon-han eum-ak-nol-ie' program, for children with disabilities at Bobath Children's hospital. The children's participants got popup books as a gift. This year, Lotte Chemical donated 200 Pororo popup books which are made by staff, executives, and their families to the Bobath Children's hospital. The 'Pororo popup book' is made in 3 dimensional structure where hidden characters and buildings pop up when the book is opened. This project was designed to steer up imagination and curiosity for the children in the hospital.

DGB (Daegu Bank) has practiced the 'Bread of love share'. DGB has been sharing homemade bread with centers every May. This time, they facilitated a 'Bread of love share' event for the local children in Seogu Daegusi. For the event, 20 bank staff (Dong-hang volunteer group) and undergraduate students (univ. ambassador) participated. Bread made by them is passed onto 1600 children from local children's centers in Donggu and Seogu areas, Daegu.

HDC (Hyundai Development Company) has donated love sharing rice for elderly people. The elderly citizens are those who participate in a government employment program. 1 ton of rice, which is worth 10 million won, is sent to the elderly citizens who are participating, for the government employment program and the disadvantaged. Earlier, HDC has been passing on food and life bracelets to elderly citizens in disadvantaged conditions in the Gwangju area since this January. Along with this, they did various activities including, donating fire supplies to paramedics in the Gwangju area, contributing and supporting necessities to the fire victims in Guryongmaeul, Gangnamgu, Seoul, volunteer work at Banpo Hangang for maintaining the area, Yongsan area tree transplanting.


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