[Driving test] Volkswagen new Touareg in the view of consumption value..fuel efficiency for driving test, 14.5km/L
[Driving test] Volkswagen new Touareg in the view of consumption value..fuel efficiency for driving test, 14.5km/L
  • HueSoung, Jun Reporter / Yohan, Bok Reporter
  • 승인 2023.05.08 14:41
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Volkswagen 2023 Touareg/ Photo: Huseong Jeon

[Consumerwide_ HueSoung, Jun Reporter / Yohan, Bok Reporter] Volkswagen MY(Model Year) 2023 Touareg is a brand flagship SUV which contains intensive technology and know-how of Volkswagen. This is close to a Full Change Model because new engines and various safety and convenience specifications are changed in this model. On March 3, the new Touareg began steeling the hearts of customers throughout the month by recording 247.1% sales records compared to Feb. For this reason, I decided to take a driving test for this model. Having a consumption value perspective, I drove the new Touareg. On that day, the driving section was Consumerwide company building (in Gangseogu Seoul →Jayooro Paju direction→Imjingak park→Jayooro Seoul direction→Consumerwide company building, which was 96km long). The driving hour was 2 hours and 33 minutes. In the section, Gayangdaegyo ramp in Jayooro Seoul direction is a congested section.

Volkswagen 2023 Touareg/ Photo: Huseong Jeon
Volkswagen 2023 Touareg/ Photo: Huseong Jeon
Volkswagen 2023 Touareg/ Photo: Huseong Jeon
Volkswagen 2023 Touareg/ Photo: Huseong Jeon

The new Touareg design has got an outstanding appearance and driver-focused digital interior designs.

The new Touareg has been upgraded to its outstanding appearance as a flagship SUV of Volkswagen. The metal feelings of Chrome grille and LED Matrix headlights complete a solid and confident look. On the rare side, L-signature light releases a strong presence. The interior has been designed considering the driver the most. By applying advanced design, Innovision cockpit, provided a driver-customized intuitive interface. The Innovision cockpit is made of the 15 inch discovery premium infortainment system which includes a 12.3 inch digital cockpit and Korean nevigation, and wind shield headup display. This system demonstrates the essence of digital interface along with its visual sense, leading to a spaciousness.

Volkswagen 2023 Touareg 1st row/ Photo:  Huseong Jeon
Volkswagen 2023 Touareg interior/ Photo: Huseong Jeon
Volkswagen 2023 Touareg panorama sunroof/ Photo: Huseong Jeon
Volkswagen 2023 Touareg 2st row/ Photo: Huseong Jeon
Second row legroom has plenty of space. / Photo: Huseong Jeon
Volkswagen 2023 Touareg interior/ Photo: Huseong Jeon
Volkswagen 2023 Touareg trunk/ Photo: Huseong Jeon

Consumption value-perspective 1. driving and ride comfort

When I got into the car, I adjusted the seat just right for me through the ErgoComfort seat system, which has 18-direction adjustment functions including electric thigh support, cushion and back support side bolster control. As I pressed the start button, Touareg woke up. The first step is heavy yet soft. It is moving forward  smoothly. This can be convenient for driving on congested roads. It's relatively stable regardless of repetitive stops.

Volkswagen 2023 Touareg/ Photo: Huseong Jeon

When we entered the highway, the true nature woke up. It has begun to speed with acceleration. The power was more than enough. It is because of the ‘EA897 evo3 V6 3.0 TDI’ engine which has built upon the innovative 'Twin dodging technology' system. The Twin dodging technology has newly installed two SCR Catalytic converters.

The ‘EA897 evo3 V6 3.0 TDI’ engine, which has a combination of 8 steps of automatic gear change, shows a max 61.2 kg.m torque driving capacity in the range of max output 286 h/p(3,500~4,000 rpm), 1,750~3,250 rpm. The uphill path is an even path for the new Touareg. It's intuitive and nimble. Overtaking is not so difficult. So does changing lanes. Cornering is stable. The new Touareg has an 'All wheel steering' system which controls front and rear wheel steering angles. This

might be the reason making things so easy. In low-speed driving conditions, which is under 37km/h, the front and back wheels are steered in the opposite direction to reduce the radius of rotation. Eventually, this enhances operation performance. In the more than 37km/h condition, the front and back wheels are steered in the same direction, which enhances the agility of the car. Consequentially, this function ensures high driving stability in high speed driving. In general, wide noise and road surface noise are hardly heard during high speed driving. There is no road surface shock. Driving comfort is the best. The new Touareg has applied air suspension which can adjust the height of the body depending on the driving mode. I experienced the highest comfort while driving.

Volkswagen 2023 Touareg massage seat/ Photo: Huseong Jeon

After some time, I began to feel tired. Using the massage function was helpful to relieve tiredness from driving, though partially. The new Touareg has a massage seat which supports 8 types of mode. I felt sweating on my thighs from the long drive. So I activated the ventilation seat. It felt cooler than some other cars I've experienced. The new Touareg has ‘IQ.Drive’, a cutting edge driver's assistance system which supports safety and convenience of driving on all of their trim as a default.

I switched on the Adaptive Cruise Control according to the speed limit section. It is 90km/h. I drove along at the speed set while considering the space between the car ahead of me. This function can be helpful for the speed limit section and highway driving to lessen exhaustion. The 'Side assist' helped me by giving me a sign, especially when it senses a car in the (side mirror) blind spots from the driver's perspective while I was changing the lanes.

Though I couldn't get to experienced yet, all of the new Touareg trim includes the following system which means to help drive safely; ▲ ‘Forward Vehicle Collision Warning and Emergency Braking Front Assist’, which alarms or auto stops when it senses other car or a bicycle drivers within 250m ahead, ▲‘Forward Cross Traffic Assist’ which alarms or make a sudden stop for the danger in crossroad, ▲‘Proactive Passenger protection system Pre Crash 360º’ which protects passengers by closing the windows and sunroof as well tightens up safety belt when it sense danger from the front/rear/side of the car. The system is innovatively designed to help the drivers drive safely.

New Tourareg has installed assisting functions which help beginner drivers to park without worrying. When you set the gear in rear mode, you can check parking surroundings on the monitor  (Real time) through the 'Airrear view (360 degree view camera). Additionally, the new Touareg has the ‘Park assist plus’, which controls steering wheel, gear change, accelerator, and brake automatically, and ‘Remote parking assist’ system, which handles parking and moving through a smartphone remote. I would like to try this function, but didn't get any chance for it.

Volkswagen 2023 Touareg fuel efficiency is 96km and driving fuel efficiency is 14.5km/L. Photo: Jeon Huseong

Consumption value-perspective 2. Fuel efficiency

Fuel efficiency is one of the consumption value standards.

As high as the fuel efficiency is high, you save more fuel, which could be a positive influence for the environment. The fuel efficiency of a Touareg varies depending on the driving section: downtown 9.6 km/l, highway 12.8 km/l, and complex fuel efficiency 10.8 km/l. On that day, the driving distance was 96km long, but the driving hour was 2 hours and 33 minutes. At the Jayooro Seoul direction ramp section, which is one of the constant congestion areas, it took about 40 minutes. Nevertheless, the average fuel efficiency was only 14.5km/L for 96 km. I see that is relatively gratifying considering the driving conditions being one of the worst; at high speed, in congestion.

Navigation installed in Volkswagen 2023 Touareg, not signs for the 'Seoul Worldcup Daegyo(bridge)./ Photo: Huseong Jeon

Consumption value perspective 3. Missing points

The new Touareg has Korean navigation. However, the map is missing some important points. There is no sign of the 'Worldcup daegyo'. Hence, when we tried to search for the Worldcup daegyo, it led us to a longer path. In addition, the new Touareg is a diesel car. When I suppose that diesel is the worst fuel for the environment, gasoline, if not hybrid or electric fuel, seems to be the better choice for consumption-value-based customers who care about the environment. For this reason, I believe that fewer people are using cars with diesel. The sales record of diesel cars is continually decreasing. Followed by the Carisyou data lab, the sales record of diesel cars were 88154 during the 1st quarter, which was a 1.5% decrease compared to the same quarter last year. In conclusion, I am hoping for a gasoline or hybrid car that will be out there soon with the same capacity.

Volkswagen 2023 Touareg/ photo: Huseong Jeon




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