[Consumption value_field] Wise endemic life of consumption value based travel customers, enjoy with 'Naenara, local travel'
[Consumption value_field] Wise endemic life of consumption value based travel customers, enjoy with 'Naenara, local travel'
  • Jinil, Kang Reporter / Yohan, Bok Reporter
  • 승인 2023.04.21 12:41
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'2023 Naenara Travel Exposition' gives good tips for consumption value-based travel customers.
The '2023 Naenara Travel Exposition' was held at Seoul DDP(Dongdaemun Design Plaza) arthall and Oe-ul-lim square between 13th and 16th. The event was hosted by the 'Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism' and Korea Tourism. (Photo: Kang Jinil Reporter)

[Consumerwide_Jinil, Kang Reporter / Yohan, Bok Reporter] At the time of the Endemic, the travel demand rapidly increased as people who couldn't get around during the Covid19 would scream. It is called a 'Bo-bok Yeo-haeng' (Pent-up demand on travel). In particular, because of outstanding records in overseas tourism, the press were busy reporting about them. Based on the 2023 travel trend reported by Yanolja at the beginning of this year, overseas accommodation transaction values have increased by 3641% (2021) compared to a year ahead(2020). Among them, the Japan-tour was remarkable. Japan took the top 5 ranks between 28th of Oct and 27th of Nov 2022, compared to the same period in 2019. The record is based on research announced by Gmarket, 'overseas travel destinations rank after the pandemic based on ticket purchases'.

The most visited places are Osaka(366%), Sapporo(305%), Hukuoka(242%), Tokyo(210%), Okinawa(109%). Japan was chosen as the most popular place to go because of no-visa entry, low Japanese yen exchange rate, strong infrastructure on tourism, food and shopping. In response to the explosive demand for overseas travel, local governments in Korea have begun to appeal attraction points to the travel consumers based on value. In the '2023 Naenara travel exposition', they are suggesting tourism in every corner of Korea that has superior qualities of taste, beauty, and delight, which can go beyond overseas tourism.

Wise endemic life of consumption-value based tour. What about making a tour bucketlist for every corner of my own country and challenging ourselves to fulfill the list?

'2023 Naenara travel exposition'(Photo: Kang Jinil Reporter)

The '2023 Naenara travel exposition' was hosted by the 'Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism' and supervised by 'Korea tourism association' between 13th and 16th at Seoul DDP(Dongdaemun Design Plaza) arthall and Oeulim square.

The Naenara travel exposition began in 2004. This is a travel-focused exposition on a national scale(the biggest) event which gives out countless travel information and benefits in every corner of the region. The expo involves domestic regional governments, tour operators, recreation centers, tourism-related businesses.

The Naenara travel exposition was hosted for the purpose of activating domestic tourism, interaction amongst consumers and businesses while seeding new ideas about our culture and tourism and replacing overseas travel demand with domestic travel.

Additionally, the expo recommends tourism spots that have not been exposed to some consumers. Overall, it's taking a role to expand domestic travel while challenges consumers get to think about the importance of the Korean tourism culture.

This time, each regional government and organization have shared the specialty of their region based on history, food, sightseeings including festivals and popular spots, and things to enjoy. The story was told in 7 boothes, and each booth presented 7 attractive areas. Each boothes are, ▲(Mi/beauty) Life shot view tour ▲(Moet/noble) History, achaeological site, cultural tour ▲(Mat/taste) tour accompanies epicurism ▲(Heung/fun) tour  with activies and experiment ▲(Shiem/rest) Healing wellness tour ▲(Buet/friend) Pet accompanying tour ▲(Ya/night) Night tourism area.

The local government and institutions also gave away free maps and guide brochures which discover all the details of the tour areas in Korea, as much as one is able to make his own bucketlist. Local food product samples were provided for tasting.

A special experiment event giving away local products and SNS events were held at the same time. These two events aimed at promoting their areas and passing on attractions as a tourist place.

Those events caught the attention of visitors of all ages, from children to elderly people. (Photo: Kang Jinil Reporter)

Those events caught the attention of visitors of all ages, from children to elderly people. For instance, ▲'Travel MBTI style test' of Korea tourism development institute, ▲'Gift event with quiz of Busansi ▲'Cocktail show' of Gangwondo ▲'Dae-han-min-guk Guseokguseok Blue-marble' (Every corner of Korea, blue-marble) of Korea tourism ▲'Finding Gimpo-Mi (beauty)' of Gimposi ▲'Local product giveaway Yut-nori (Korean traditional board game)' of Seosansi ▲'Lucky draw event' of Hoengseong luge experimental center ▲'Landscape making' of Jejudo ▲'Grasshopper's home making' of Gimjae ▲'Experiments to identify barriers in 3 types' of Korea Tourism.

(Photo: Kang Jinil Reporter)

Programmes that were offered in the overall expo were loved by people. Visitors had an enjoyable time getting to know about how it feels like to travel in Korea through various events, which include ▲making my only travel treasure box and Polaroid travel topper, ▲ Naenara art drawing experiment program, ▲Instagram photo print event, ▲Naenara treasure finding event, ▲ Bucketlist event, and outdoor stage program which includes ▲game, ▲fashion show, ▲magic show, ▲music performance and domestic travel related seminars.

A lady (Seoul, 29-year-old) visitor said, "I am serious about travelling on ordinary days. For this reason, travel expenses make up most of my consumption. I am more likely to be interested in overseas travel than domestic travel. But, today I feel challenged to make a bucketlist of domestic festivals and break my record."

Another lady who came with her little daughters said, "I came to show different regions in Korea to my children. They might be able to remember some of them because there are multiple programmes which children can experience. I'd love to visit at least a couple of them if there is any chance."

A married couple (Seoul, 40s) who came with a son said, "We as a family enjoy travelling, and value travel. We might take time to visit all 16 places that're mentioned on the 'Ecology tourism map' we received. It's awesome that we can build good memories while contributing to the local society."

A male visitor who came as a couple said (Bundang, 30s), "Before the Covid19, we used to travel. But, by the time of endemic, somehow it is not easy to travel overseas. At the expo, I got to know that places in Korea are quite attractive. We might visit some places based on the information we got from here."

A local government related person at the expo said, "My region is beautiful. But, overall, in Korea, there are tons of incredible places to check out which places are beyond overseas. We prepared for this event hoping that more people could visit places in Korea. Thankfully, visitors said that now they want to travel around Korea after our expo. Recently, people are talking about consumption value and sustainable consumption. For me, traveling to our country is one of the best ways to practice consumption value. Because it benefits consumers as well as the local government. For this reason, we will continually try so that visitors to our region may feel satisfied."


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