[Consumption value-April project-Franchise chicken] Chicken industry is expanding consumption-value through ESG management
[Consumption value-April project-Franchise chicken] Chicken industry is expanding consumption-value through ESG management
  • Jinil, Kang Reporter / Yohan, Bok Reporter
  • 승인 2023.04.18 11:53
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bhc and BBQ are competing for consumption-value expansion through ESG management./ Photo: left-bhc, right-BBQ)

[Consumerwide_Jinil, Kang Reporter / Yohan, Bok Reporter]  BHC and BBQ are eager to expand consumption-value through ESG management in the chicken industry. They have been conducting social contribution activities, which include chicken and cash donations to social welfare facilities and affiliates. Along with this step, they seem to aim for the title of the 'ESG business' and practicing consumption-value.

On the 11th, followed by two businesses, BHC decided to practice ESG management (social responsibility·transparency·eco-friendly management) this year, and they've newly set up an ESG department. First of all, BHC is facilitating an affiliate support project on a 10 billion won scale. This project ultimately targets coexistence with affiliates. Each affiliate gets a maximum of 10million won, and the total support amount is 7.8 billion won. In addition, affiliates get health-check expense support on a 1 billion won scale every year, and excellent or long-run affiliates are rewarded. (total 1.1 billion won support) Affiliate welfare benefits are expanded. The benefits include a birthday coupon, affiliate lineal ascendant family occasion wreath, funeral supplies, welfare-mall operation.

Currently, BHC is continuing the BSR activities (BHC+CSR) while strengthening the social contribution activities, which include a social welfare facility (0.5 billion won) contribution, staff and executive participation. Furthermore, sponsorship is expanded. When the local affiliates sponsor, the head companies participate. The sponsoring area includes sponsoring sports players, making funds for socially vulnerable groups, and hosting campaigns.

An eco-friendly operating system has been built as well, which will help to diminish the use of paper for various paper tasks; approval and delivery orders, transaction details, post-receipt. Carbon emission reduction missions are practiced by installing gas emission reduction equipment on delivery vehicles, transferring fuel(fossil fuel) based motor-cycle to electric motor-cycle for affiliates, and changing lights in business places to LED lights. Besides, they are taking a part of expenses on plastic package recycling while replacing paper-posters with screens in order to decrease the use of paper. BHC is also speeding in responsible and transparent management through various tries; prevention of bribes and corruption, facilitating audit commitee, organizing ESG board directors, persuing transparent govern  structure.

A BHC related person said, "BHC has prepared various solutions for practical ways to support our partner business owners. Hereafter, BHC will try its best to practice ESG management values that partner businesses and we may grow together."

Meanwhile, BBQ is also speeding up in ESG management practice through a social contribution. Only counting on last month, they have begun their activities, including the chicken donation. First of all, BBQ is running a social contribution through two projects, 'Chicken relay with family' and 'Don-ka-tsu relay'. The 'Chicken-relay with family' project, which has been run by affiliates and head-office for the last 7 years, since 2017, has passed on accumulated 32000 chickens to domestic social welfare facilities. 'Don-ka-tsu relay' is a social contribution activity hosted by a subsidiary business of BBQ, U-kuy-a, a U-dong and Don-ka-tsu brand. 'Don-ka-tsu relay' began October 2022. They are donating the Don-ka-tsu lunch box to orphanages and children's welfare facilities.

BBQ chicken-university donated over 2000 chickens this year to the facilities for children∙elders∙persons with disabilities. In total, it is 40 million won worth. Through a good donation from the Chicken-university, over 1.21 million chickens(accumulated) were passed onto underprivileged citizens for 24 years since 2000. BBQ has also taken action for Africa through their project, 'I love Africa' donation. The 'I love Africa' aims to provide sustainable water and relief food for 100 thousand people till 2030.

They have been working on a water tank installation and a well development for the water supply while supporting various projects: relief food supply for the slum area, Jigger extermination, children's welfare business and cultural exchange support. In addition, they've begun a new business this year for new building and renewal of former school buildings in Africa.

BBQ is speeding co-existance and shared growth with affiliate businesses. Recently, they've replaced the 'Supervisor' title with 'business manager'. Supervisor is a core position in the store operations management. Other than that, BBQ has begun discussion and communication with the field through hosting a '2023 national family discussion'. 11 times of the meetings have taken at 8 cities which include Seoul, Inchoen, Daejeon, Gwangju, Busan, Jeju during a month in Febrary. During the '2023 national family discussion', they talked about difficulties and thoughts on shared growth and management (win-win) in the field aspect.

A BBQ related person said, "I see that the chicken-relay project is a part of practicing shared growth, which project involves families. Furthermore, the BBQ will continue to support a social contribution with families so that we may pass on delicious happiness and warmth to our heighbourhood who are in need. Recently, along with serious climate issues, environmental protection has become even more important. Having this in mind, we will take responsibility and try to contribute to the local society in terms of environmental preservation through various programs.

We will also try our best to perform shared growth and win-win management with our family members (which began by changing the title of workers) rather than presenting idealistic policies."



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