[April project-consumption value-communications③] Three major communication businesses are practicing eco-friendly management to reduce greenhouse gases.."Leading the consumption-value through ESG"
[April project-consumption value-communications③] Three major communication businesses are practicing eco-friendly management to reduce greenhouse gases.."Leading the consumption-value through ESG"
  • Jinil, Kang Reporter / Yohan, Bok Reporter
  • 승인 2023.04.12 18:56
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[Consumerwide_Jinil, Kang Reporter / Yohan, Bok Reporter]  Three major communication businesses, who earlier proclaimed carbon neutralization achievement by 2050, are practicing eco-friendly management aiming for reduction of greenhouse  gases, which also includes carbon emission reduction and low carbon activities. It is a step targetting consumption-value based consumers who value the environment while practicing ESG.

Three major communication businesses and low-carbon policies

First of all, SKtelecom has become the first member of RE100 as a communication business in 2020. The RE100 is a global campaign that aims to transfer 100% of business-used electricity to renewable energy.

KT also became a RE100 member last June. LGUplus, who confirmed their green gas reduction roadmap to transfer 100% of electricity to renewable energy by 2050, joined Korean RE100 last June.

It is not easy to reduce carbon emissions considering the tasks and characteristics of the communication industry. As much as the technology for communication speeds up, the consumption of electricity increases.

Along with the 5G network equipment and IDC(Internet Data Center) installation, there is more electricity consumption. The consumption of electricity leads to more greenhouse gas emissions and indirect gas emissions from base stations. Eventually, total emissions will increase.

For this reason, the three major communication businesses are focusing on finding ways to increase renewable energy and eco-friendly equipment development.

 SKtelecom has adopted Single-ran technology which reduces newwork equipment waste electricity to max. 53%.( 3G and LTE networks are managed in one single equipment). As a result, their system has been certified for 10000 tons of carbon emissions reduction in a year.

KT has adopted the network energy technology which saves electricity through controlling  the 5G base station transmitting and receiving antenna devices.

LGUplus has adopted eco-friendly technology for a rectifier which is one of the electricity supply equipment of the 5G base station.

A communication-industry related person said, "This year, we are going to carry on various activities which include technology exploitation and application for greenhouse gas reduction."

Three major communication businesses are expanding policies for carbon emission reduction.

(Photo: each companies)

Three major communication businesses are expanding the policies for carbon emissions reduction.

First of all, SKtelecom is running a reusable cup use campaign. SKtelecom has begun the 'Happy-habit 3rd term' in February. Happy-habit is a campaign where SKT cooperates with various businesses aiming to reduce the use of disposable paper cups. The ‘Habit eco-aliance’, which began at the end of 2020 with 23 organizations and businesses including the Ministry of Environment Seoul-si, Starbucks Korea, Jeju international free city development center, Happy-connect, now has an additional 24 participating organizations including the Jeju-do, Sweden embassy in Korea, Kyobolife, GScaltex since end of 2021.

The 3rd term has grown with 90 accumulated member organizations and businesses, which includes now Resource circulation social associate, Korean local self-support center association, Korea environment corporation, Hana bank, Jeju tourism organization, Korea Southern Power co.,ltd. The performance was satisfactory. They have reduced approx. 6.8 million disposable paper cups on the national scale by the end of January.

SKT has been supporting a Vision AT technology where the return machine is able to distinguish and return reusable cups. In addition, they are facilitating an environment protection service app, 'Happy-habit mobile application', which is a core infrastructure of the system.

The ESG manager of SKtelecom  has said, "As more people are recognizing the importance of reusable containers, we will be actively involved in the Happy-habit campaign through the business area and return infrastructure expansion."

Meanwhile, LGUplus has contributed to environmental protection while enhancing the convenience of the stockholders by replacing the dividend receipt (for stockholders) with an online inquiry service, which might reduce paper waste. This is a part of ESG management activities. Considering that the LGUplus stockholders are approx. 130000, referring to the end of last year, it's been estimated that this online inquiry service will reduce yearly 260,000 papers. This can be converted to 26 woods of 30 years old, and 2.6 million liters of water.

KT is providing the carbon neutralization point for customers who change to a mobile or email receipt instead of a paper receipt. 'The carbon neutralization practice point' is a system that gives out point benefits worth max. 70000 won according to the eco-friendly achievement of customers of commercial businesses. The system is supported by the Korea Environment Corporation. Points can be used as cash. The digital receipt is convenient in terms of managing receipts while contributing to environmental protection.

KT customers can receive a carbon neutralization practice point worth 100 won each time issuing the electronic receipt instead of paper receipts at the KT plaza or franchises.

KT has been practicing carbon emission reduction through digital receipts for the last 10 years. The accumulated number of digital receipt users is over 20 million for the last 10 years. It has brought 5400 tons of carbon emission reduction and 187000 tree planting effects. Celebrating this, KT is continuing various activities for the environment, including the 'Green world with a digital receipt' campaign.

As part of the campaign, KT is offering an event that gives out various give-aways for the KT customers who apply on the KT homepage after changing their receipt to a digital receipt (mobile·email·KT.com web·mobile notification receipt) till 19th of May.

A KT related person said, "KT has been constantly thinking about good influence through social responsibility management and resolving environmental and social issues. We aim to continue expanding ESG activity though small and ordinary projects which one can do easily.".



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