[Report's Note] Swearwords·slip-ups, a show-host weeded out forever from TV homeshopping...boycott of ladies, 'Consumption-value'
[Report's Note] Swearwords·slip-ups, a show-host weeded out forever from TV homeshopping...boycott of ladies, 'Consumption-value'
  • HueSoung, Jun Reporter / Yohan, Bok Reporter
  • 승인 2023.04.10 17:39
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Yoo Nanhee show host, who's been making slipups during a live broadcasting/ Jeong Yoonjeong show host who's been swearing during a show./ Photo: each personal instagram capture

[Consumerwide_ HueSoung, Jun Reporter / Yohan, Bok Reporter]  Recently, it's been loud because of the swearwords and slip-ups of popular showhosts during the live TV home shopping broadcasting. The rear blast is huge. Some consumers seem to stand to boycott TV homeshopping. Those show hosts who are at the center of the issue are not showhosts with exclusive contracts, but free-lancers. Surely there are some policies on exclusive showhosts, but the freelancer management policies have not been opened to the public. Hence, I see that a solution to preventing reoccurrence (regarding the freelancers) is urgent.

On the 3rd, Hyundai homeshopping decided to suspend showhosting for Jeong Yoonjeong, the showhost of homeshopping, because of her swears during the live show. She has responded to the criticism. "If you hate me, just don't watch my show or check out my instagram." This attitude, which doesn't seem to care, called out more social arguments. Eventually, her swearing issue was discussed by the Korea Communications Standards Commission, and they decided to warn her while submitting her for disciplinary action.

Meanwhile, Yoo Nanhee, who is a representative showhost of the industry, was caught up in controversy by what she said during the CJ Onstyle cosmetics' show on the 4th of February. She has mentioned in the liveshow, "I got reminded of a female comedian who used to worry about skin problems. It would have been better if she knew about this product earlier." Ms.Yoo had not mentioned any particular names, but this could remind audiences of a lady comedian, who had committed suicide after years of suffering from her skin disease. Finally, this issue has been passed to the Korea Communications Standards Commission for decision. On the 18th, along with the statement, CJ Onstyle is also going to make a decision about her.

This means that the CJ Onstyle is indecisive about the disposition of Ms. Yoo, which is different from the Hyundai homeshopping. However, they'll soon conclude on Yoon's disposition after the final statement of the Korea Communications Standards Commission, similar to the case of Hyundai.

A CJ Onstyle related person said during the interview with Consumerwide, "Ms Yoo is not on an exclusive contract with us, but a guest on contract with a cooperative company. Hence, there is nothing we've decided anything about her yet. We might go on to the next step depending on the statement of the Korea Communications Standards Commission. Nevertheless, it could be possible to move forward even before so."

The issue lies in the fact that those show hosts of problems are freelancers.

Exclusive-contract showhosts are directly managed by TV homeshopping policies. If there is any criticism, it's regulation. On the other hand, there is no regulation for freelancers since they are not employed. For this reason, it seems to be the decisive action of Hyundai homeshopping has called out astonishment in the industry. Because it was the first time in industry history. Ms. Jeong was weeded out from Hyundai homeshopping forever, but she can still show in homeshopping for other businesses. And the statement of the Korea Communications Standards Commission is limited to the broadcasting business.

There is no way to control the showhost through problem actions. The Korea Communications Standards Commission has decided on the disposition regarding the swearwords-broadcast, which was a rare decision in their history. Yet, the main character of this issue, who has sweared, is free from responsibility.

Therefore, I see that there needs to be strong management on the freelancer showhosts, in order to prevent reoccurrence. The Korea Communications Standards Commission has to hold not only broadcasting businesses responsible, but also individuals.

From a consumer's perspective, would it be necessary to purchase a product through a TV homeshopping showhost while the showhost is causing a controversy? Social responsibility is a duty on a homeshopping TV show. It is not understandable to hire a showhost who doesn't seem to regret wrong doings. I give a clap for the decision of Hyundai homeshopping, which has made a weed out forever on Ms. Jeong. I am looking forward to the decision of the CJ Onstyle on Ms. Jeong as well.



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