[April project-consumption Value-communication①] Mobile Communication businesses are competing for reasonable consumption (consumption-value)
[April project-consumption Value-communication①] Mobile Communication businesses are competing for reasonable consumption (consumption-value)
  • Jinil, Kang Reporter / Yohan, Bok Reporter
  • 승인 2023.04.06 23:32
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Reducing the family mobile expenses while expanding choices.
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[Consumerwide_Jinil, Kang Reporter / Yohan, Bok Reporter] Mobile communication businesses are beginning various activies aiming to reduce expenses for 5G user customers. They've begun cooperating with online rate sales systems or releasing a new rate system. Al-tteul-phone (sub-brand mobile) businesses are busy as well. Mobile communication businesses are going further for social responsibility to ease family mobile expenses at a realistic level while strengthening mobile communication consumer's choices. It seems to be a reasonable consumption (consumption-value standard) of mobile communication. Mobile communication businesses are strengthening consumer choices...easing the family mobile expenses at a realistic level.

On 5th, followed by industry, LGUplus announced selling their online-only 5G Direct Mobile Plans (4types), which includes ▲5G Direct 65 ▲5G Direct 37.5 ▲5G Direct  Plus 69 ▲5G Direct Plus 59, not only on their homepage, but also on Toss, the mobile financial platform. Previously, it was possible to join only through LGUplusdotcom, but now Toss-app also offers the same service. Customer-convenience of the mobile-communication consumers has expanded. The toss-app offers plenty of benefits. When you purchase 5G Direct65/37.5 service, they provide the toss-points, which points you can use to purchase convenience store/dine-out giftcards or just pay in cash, each worth 4000 won(LGUplus 3000 won, Toss 1000 won)/3000 won(LGUplus 1000 won, Tos 2000 won) for 24 months.

Earlier, LGUplus released a 5G Online-only service which you can use for a 30% lower price compared to the regular service rates among the three major mobile brands in Korea. The service product includes ▲5G Direct plus59 (59000 won/month) ▲5G Direct plus69(69000 won/month) ▲LTE Direct 34.5(34500 won/month), total 3 types. Voice-call and text-message services are provided. Additional 300 minutes are also provided. (Additional calls for domestic representative number services (1588, 1600,050,030, 060, 0130...)

When you choose the family-combination option, you get additional benefits. ;▲‘Direct plus combination’ (5G Direct plus 69/59 members who are in 19~29 years get monthly mobile discount according to the number of combination.) ▲'Galaxy buds 2 pro' monthly installments are exempted in each month (5G direct plus 69 membership only) ▲ Choosing 'Galaxy watch 5 pack' (Galaxy watch 5 monthly installments are exempted in each month for 24months) or 'Netflix+Youtube Premium pack’ (both Netflix&Youtube Premium boucher are provided monthly/5G Direct 65 membership only) A LGUplus related person said, "We've been re-examining the customer-contact point considering the digital transformation of communication. LGUplus will strive to provide a rational consumption and distinctive online customer-experience by strengthening the online mobile services."

Recently, SKTelecom has restructured the 5G rate system considering the user ages and various usage patterns of the mobile customers by expanding choices and releasing numerous rate products. The restructure of the SKT 5G rate system is proceeding gradually. It began with '5G senior rate’ in March. And, they plan to release a ‘5G customized rate’ in May, and a 5G ‘0 Cheong-nyeon(young adult) rate’ in June. This may greatly expand customers' mobile rate choices by increasing the 5G services from 20 types to 45 types (over twice).

The medium-rate service has expanded to a customer-customized rate system, which gives a design choice to customers. It's the first time in mobile industry history. The 'Under 34 years customer-only' rate can bring down young adult data users' burdens. 'New Senior' rate gives a good deal for customers at the age of over 65 years.

A SKT related person said, "SKT has been trying to bring down family mobile expenses. At the end of last year, SKT restructured the Direct Plan, which is the industry's first online-only rate service (implying a combination of discount and a contract succession) so that more customers could be membership. On the other hand, we've provided free 30GB data for all customers over 19 years old. Along with the 5G rate restructuring, we're looking forward to contributing to the economic stability of citizens by reducing mobile expenses. The 5G rate restructure aims for variety of service rates and expansion of customer choice."

The Al-tteul-phone (sub-brand mobile) industry is easing the mobile expenses being encouraged by user-growth.

Recently, being encouraged by user-growth, the Altteulphone industry is speeding for citizen's economy stability by bringing down the mobile expenses.

On the 4th, followed by KTOA's ‘Mobile telephone number movers' status’, 220636 members from the three major mobile communication businesses including SKT/KT/LGU have transferred to Al-tteul-phone during the first quarter of this year. This is about 18.3% of the entire number-movers during the first quarter(1208106 people). It is over 16.9%, which is the Al-tteul-phone mobile market domination rate at the end of last year. 3 major mobile brand memberships recorded 71086 during January. In February, it has rapidly increased to 86538 having the new semester effect. In March, the memberships recorded 63012, which is the average yearly level. This says that the mobile communication consumers are taking action for reasonable consumption, consumption-value.

In response to this, the affiliated company of LGUplus, ‘U+UMobile)’ of Medialog started to reduce mobile expenses, considering the high price season. They've released new rate services, including the 5 types of rate products for the '13GB to 5GB sector'(for a month). With this rate system, you can continually use data max. 1Mbps speed when the data of the month is completely spent. (*1Mbps speed is a speed you may be able to watch YouTube at SD quality (under 480*) For Netflix, it may not be possible. SNS (image based SNS may slow down to open.)) Without worrying about extra payment, you can use the data. The option for voice call varies between 100 minutes and 500 minutes. Customers can choose according to their use pattern. When a customer who doesn't need an unlimited voice-call chooses according to his call using a pattern among the newly released service products, he can save approx. 25% of the cost. Customers who are becoming a new member of particular rate products during this month receive additional data.

A Medialog related person said, "Giving choices that perfectly fit the customers' data and voice-call using patterns, is what most matters for customer value enhancement. On a data basis, we will try to present distinctive services and high satisfaction through constant research and studies on customer user patterns and needs."

Recently, KTM mobile, an affiliate company of KT, has begun a promotion that provides additional data for 2 years for the customers who purchase the 'Long term evolution rate 5 types'. This product provides max. 150 GB for a month. 38900 won rate(monthly) users can use max 300GB including the basic data provided. 20000 won range rates get 65GB from 15GB, other 30000 won range rates (2types) get each 221GB and 250GB from datas under 100GB.

A KTMobile related person said, "We have prepared this promotion to reduce family mobile expenses who prably felt a burden on using data. In the future we will try various ways to provide distinctive benefits which customers can feel realistically."

KT and Woori-card are presenting Al-tteul-phone corporate credit cards. The 'KT My Al-tteul-phone Woori card (credit-card)' provides a mobile rate discount benefit for customers. When the customer pays a mobile bill, depending on the credit card user performance, ▲monthly max 18000 won for 300000 won record, ▲monthly max 23000 won for 700000 won record. (discount on billing)

A KT related person said, "KT has released KT My Al-tteul-phone Woori card in order to provide a benefit for customers who value reasonable consumption. We will continue strengthening our service competibility as the No. 1 MVNO business through a distinctive customer experience."



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