[March project-consumption value- car④] 2023 Seoul mobilityshow eco-friendly new car has opened to the public in considerable numbers..Consumption value guide
[March project-consumption value- car④] 2023 Seoul mobilityshow eco-friendly new car has opened to the public in considerable numbers..Consumption value guide
  • HueSoung, Jun Reporter / Yohan, Bok Reporter
  • 승인 2023.03.28 22:38
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Photo: During the 2023 Seoul mobility show, eco-friendly cars, including electric cars and hydrogen cars are opened to the public in considerable numbers. Hence, this may become a consumption value guide for environment-focused consumers.

[Consumerwide_ HueSoung, Jun Reporter / Yohan, Bok Reporter]  2023 Seoul mobility show opening is right ahead of us. The opening day is held on the 31st. 160 businesses and organizations from 10 nations are participating in the 2023 Seoul mobility show. In particular, the new electric cars are opened to the public in considerable numbers during the show. It seems to be a guide for environment-focused consumers. On the 27th, I checked out new cars and electric cars that were announced to the public during this Seoul mobility show. Participating domestic car brands are Hyundai motors, Kia, KGmobility(Ssangyong motor). Imported car brands are Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Mini, Porsche, Alphamotors.

               Imported cars are presenting new electric cars and hydrogen cars

Benz is presenting their show-car during the 2023 Seoul mobility show for the first time in Asia 2023. The names of the cars are going to be announced on media day, 30th.

They are exhibiting a total of 11 types of cars, including the cars which are having their first public announcement in Asia (1 type) and in the domestic market (5 types).

First of all, 'Electric-SUV, the new EQE SUV' and 'The new Mercedes-AMG EQE', which cars are about to release this year in the domestic market, are exhibited.

You may be able to check out the special limited edition model, 'Mercedes-AMG G 63 K-edition 20', which is going to be released this year celebrating the 20th anniversary of Benz Korea.

Mercedes-Maybach and fashion icon Virgil Abloh, who has passed away in 2021, collaborated on an electric show-car ‘Project Maybach)’ presented as well. In addition, the EQS 580 4MATIC SUV, which was released this Jan, and electric sedans including AMG EQS 53 4MATIC+, and EQE 350+, which were released last year, are exhibited.

BMW Korea is exhibiting innovative automation models including BMW·MINI 24 models during the 2023 Seoul mobility show. BMW is opening the brand's first hydrogen car, the 'iX5 hydrogen prototype', to the public for the first time. Including BMW's first small pure electric SUV, the iX1, BMW is also presenting a number of new pure electric cars like the New i7, i4 M50, iX M60. Along with this, high capacity brand M's latest supercapacity models, including New XM, New M3 touring, New X7 M60i, M850i the gran coupe, are exhibited.

Mini is presenting the pure electric limited edition model, ‘MINI electric resulute-edition’ on the domestic market for the first time. Celebrating the 'Mini-convertible release 30th anniversary', they are also presenting the ‘MINI convertible seaside edition'. The high capacity brand of Mini, JCW's ‘MINI JCW clubman’,’ MINI JCW countryman' are exhibited.

Porsche Korea is opening to the public for the first time in Asia, the 'Vision 357', which is the 'homage concept-car' of the Porsche 356, the first sports-car in brand history, during the 2023 Seoul mobility show.

The Vision 357 is a model presented globally for the first time during the 'Driven by Dream, Porsche sports car 75th anniversary' event, last January in Berlin, Germany. Vision 357 is not a pure electric model. It has installed a natural-aspiration straight-six boxer engine.

963 LMDh, which is competing in the ‘FIA World endurance race championship’ and ‘Le Mans 24hours race'  this year, is being presented for the first time in the domestic market.

Along with this, a total of 15 types of model are exhibited including 'Mission R'-the racing concept car, which has been introduced at the IAA 2021 , 'Taycan 4S Cross Tourismo for Jennie Ruby Jane’, ‘911 edition 50the anniversary Porsche design’, ‘718 Cayman GT4’, ‘Taycan GTS’, ‘Panamera 4 platinum edition’.

Meanwhile, Alpha motors,  the global electric car startup, is making their global stage debut in the 2023 Seoul mobility show.

They are presenting the Wolf plus, which is a pickup truck for 4 people, and the Wolf during the motor show. The Wolf plus provides single motor rear wheel drive and dual motor four wheel drive, two options. With one charge, it can drive for 402~443㎞ distance.

New cars of Domestic cars are presented in considerable numbers  

Hyundai car is presenting the 'Sonata the edge', which is a partial change model of the '8th generation Sonata full-change class', during the 2023 Seoul mobility show.

Along with that, 13 cars were exhibited, including the all-new Kona electric, Ionic6, The new avante, Casper, The new pavise, and concept-car RN22e, N Vision 74.

Sonata the edge, which model is introduced for the first time through this mobility show, has completed the new grandeur and family look through applying Seamless horizon lamp, which lamp connects without cutting while maintaining the DRL(daytime running light) function.

The head lamp and the radiator-grille and air-intake are combined as one design, and produce a dynamic and broad image. 

The rear part is made of a garnish in the shape of a rear spoiler, which reminds me of a high capacity sports car, H-light in an H shape(horizontal shaped lamp). This created a stable but dynamic future image. Detailed specs will be introduced during the 2023 Seoul mobility show.

Kia is presenting the first large electric SUV  EV9 for the first time. In addition, 12 cars, including the EV6 and 'the all new Niro EV' are exhibited. EV9 is a model that has newly established standards for interior and exterior design, connection, serviceability, and sustainability of Kia.

Genesis is exhibiting 8 cars including the mass-produced car and concept cars such as 'X Trilogy', GV60, GV70 EV, G80 EV, G90 long wheel base.

KG mobility (Ssangyong motor) is presenting the Torres EVX, which is an automation model of Torres, during the Seoul mobility show. This is their first participation with their new name, KG mobility. Torres EVX is performing a future-oriented automation model style such as face luminescence LED daytime running light in horizontal dot style.

KG mobility is exhibiting a total of 16 cars and an EV platform, which includes 3 new models (Torres EVX), ▲7 dress-up tuning mass-produced cars like Rexton, New Rexton sports Khan, Torres, Korando, Tivoli, ▲3 camping cars like New Rexton sports Khan, Tivoli air, Torres, ▲3 design concept models : O100, F100, KR10(design develop process clay model)▲1 EV platform.

This is pretty much all about public information made in the domestic market regarding the new cars and the electric cars from Korean & imported car brands. Details are going to be announced on the 30th, the press day of 2023 Seoul mobility show.


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