[Consumption value field-Silver generation] "We are practicing consumption value with organic vegetarian meal"
[Consumption value field-Silver generation] "We are practicing consumption value with organic vegetarian meal"
  • Jinil, Kang Reporter / Yohan, Bok Reporter
  • 승인 2023.03.27 19:46
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 (Photo: Jinil, Kang Reporter )

[Consumerwide_Jinil, Kang Reporter / Yohan, Bok Reporter] The consumption value trend is not only led by MZ in Korea. Consumption value is becoming a keyword at the center that holds the life of the silver generation, elders.

Silver generation is an initiative in learning ways to practice consumption value, which benefits both my health and the community. One of the ways is  choosing and enjoying eco-friendly organic food.

An eco-friendly food cooking class was held at the Banpo social welfare center, Seochogu Seoul on the 22nd afternoon.

This 'Eco-friendly food cooking class' is offered once a month, totalling 9 times a year, as a part of a carbon neutralization project, 'All-ta-all-tan', which aims for the safe and healthy life of local elderly people. The event is hosted by Yangjae senior welfare center, Woomyun general social welfare center, Seocho senior happy e-eum center.

Elderly people are learning to practice carbon neutralization in daily life, splitting the ways to food, clothing, and shelter, through participating in the Alltaalltan project & the eco-friendly class this year. This is good for caring for my health, and helps to practice consumption value in the community.

 (Photo: Jinil, Kang Reporter)

20 elderly people have participated in the 'Eco-friendly food cooking class'. On that day, the class was made of ▲how to make five cardinal colors detox-tang in season (vegetable-soup) in combination of organic vegetables, brown rice with Gim (dried laver), how to make Bae-chu-gut-jeol-ie (fresh Kimchi) ▲and adventage of organic food and better ways to eat.

The elderly cooked following the lead of the lecturer and attentively listened to the way to eat healthily.

A participant, Gowoomin (77, male) said, "As I have got older, I see that I have got to do what is good for me and others. I will definitely do what I've learned today."

Seonyoung Park(67, female) said, "I am interested in eco-friendly food as much as using Han-sal-lim. This makes both me and the environment healthy, so it's my consumption value. Here I want to learn further about healthy cooking."

Haeok Jo said, "Because the lecturer has easily explained about the organic food ingredients, I thought in future I would purchase organic ingredients as much as possible. Growing old, there are more medicines I take. Wouldn't it be so good to practise them if they helped us with our health?"

Seongmi Gang, who led the lecture on that day said, "'Nonviolence table of coexistence' culture needs to be practiced with organic vegetables need to be built for both humans and the environment. Not only the MZ generation, but also elderly people could take the way of organic eating for a healthy life and true consumption-value and investment value."


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