[Consumption-value-Global day of water] Industry, practicing ESG..unfolding various activities for water resource protection
[Consumption-value-Global day of water] Industry, practicing ESG..unfolding various activities for water resource protection
  • Youngchul, Woo Reporter/ Yohan, Bok Reporter
  • 승인 2023.03.24 18:16
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22nd of March, as facing the global day of water, the industry is practicing ESG through various activities for water resource protection while accelerating consumption-value. (photo: LG H&H ESG report capture)

[Consumerwide-Youngchul, Woo Reporter/ Yohan, Bok Reporter] 22nd of March is a global day of water. This day is a day determined by the UN every 22nd of March to raise attention to the global shortage of drinking water caused by water pollution and increase in economic activities and population.

In follow up with this, the industry is practicing ESG through various activities for water resource protection while accelerating consumption-value.

On the 22nd, followed by the industry, Cocacola Korea, which is passionate about consumption-value acceleration through ESG practice, is announcing the importance of water as they are facing the global day of water.

Cocacola, whose company has been steadily continuing water restoration, has adopted a water security concept which helps local society respond to the water issue caused by climate change.

The method is securing water resources through forest tending. For this, recently Yeojusi, K-water Hangang basin headquarter, worldwide fund for nature Korea, Korea ecology and environment institute, Yeojusi forest association made a partnership that assures community effort for securing water resources through forest tending.

Targeting the Gyounggigo Yeoju area, they are starting various activities including, green forest making, river basin management, and saving ditches, in order to strengthen the water circulation while expanding the carbon absorption. 

Activities this year are focused on increasing the capacity of water conservation while concentrating on restoration of the health of forest, which involves activities such as removing unnecessary weeds that interrupt preserving water or harmful tree-species. 

LG H&H is constantly carrying out various activities to reduce the amount of water by checking out ways to improve the industrial water supply system.

In 2021, water quantity consumed by LG H&H was a 2% decrease while the quantity of production decreased by 5%, which means that the Won-unit for water use has increased 3%.

In addition, all business places have managed the water quantity consumed for each location and have been exploring and expanding places to use recycled water. LGH&H is aiming to reduce 1.46 KG/product-ton for industrial water use won-unit by 2025.

LG H&H is handing in the management of waste water. LG H&H, which has been running a consolidated waste water disposal plant in Chungju business place and TP factory, established the TOC continuous measure system following the organic matter article standard changed according to the water environment preservation law.

As well, they are preventing environmental accidents while securing the stable discharge of water quality through real-time monitoring on a consolidated waste water disposal plant.

Chungju business place has reduced waste water discharge to 1512 tons every year through constructing a recycle system for sealed hopper cleaning installation.

Gwangju business place is preventing leakage accident of non-point pollution substance through the non-point pollution reduction facility. (Nonpoint source pollution generally results from land runoff, precipitation, atmospheric deposition, drainage, seepage or hydrologic, which originated from vast substances.) They are trying to minimize the waste water discharge by strengthening management activity even in future.

Meanwhile, Ikea is providing a home-furnishing solution where anyone can practice easy and simple water saving on regular days in their effort to protect water resources.

They are helping consumers to reduce the quantity of water without noticing by offering faucet products with a water flow control system, which allows them to maintain the water pressure while reducing the amount of water used.

Ikea is also going forward with saving water resources by re-using rain water and reclaimed water (Jung-su) in the local stores or production development.

OB beer, which has been doing environment purification activities in the river area near 3 factories in Chungju, Gwangju, and Icheon for the annual global day of water, has started plogging and EM soil ball throwing in Musimcheon(stream) area in Seowongu, Chungjusi. The EM soil ball is made of yellow soil and beneficial microorganism mix, which is known to be effective in improving water quality and removing stench.

OB beer Gwangju factory has also offered plogging activity at the Youngsangang area near the factory on the 22nd, the global day of water.

Staff and executives of the Icheon factory also went on picking up trash from small streams and the factory outskirts on that day.

Coway is operating a 'Bluewater Ji-kim-ie(protection) Challenge' campaign targeting staff and executives.

Through the campaign, they are encouraging various activities that can save water on regular days. The activity includes ▲checking the water tap completely closed ▲using water-cups for brushing ▲washing the face while the water tap is closed ▲using the washing ball for washing dishes.

CJ-Cheiljedang is trying to increase water use efficiency. Starting from business places in China and Indonesia where they have more water intake, they are gradually investing in water use reduction facilities, aiming to reduce water usage for each product to a maximum of 20% by 2030.

Cosmetics brand Laneige is practicing to save the quantity of water used for entire  production. In 2021, they have saved up to 7 million liters of water. Having this effort, Water sleeping mask and Water bank cream and serum(essense) product got certified for 'water footprint reduction'

With the global day of water, some businesses are offering various events and discount promotions.

Pulmuwon-Sammul has been offering social network services, discount events, and sponsoring socially disadvantaged citizens for every global day of water. And, this year they are offering an event 'Special deal, celebrating the global day of water' at the official smartstore. Also, running a quiz event at the Pulmuwon-Sammul official instagram till 24th. A total of 20 participants get giveaways among those who got the right answer from the quiz relevant to the protection of water resources.

An industry-related person said, "Water shortage is one of the issues global people are facing. Currently, only 3% are capable of drinking (fresh water) from water sources. In the future, it seems drinking water will fall short because of a rapid increase in 'environmental pollution' and the 'global population'.

I feel and sympathize with the importance of clean water. Hence, I see that various activities for water resource protection are not an option, but compulsory. More businesses have got to get involved in saving water resources."



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