[Report] Checking out the 'field' through 'vegan'.. "Can't be passionate like that!"
[Report] Checking out the 'field' through 'vegan'.. "Can't be passionate like that!"
  • Jinil, Kang Reporter / Yohan, Bok Reporter
  • 승인 2023.03.22 19:01
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The 7th Vegenomics fair veganfesta..presents various vegan world.

Place of festival that satisfies both cost-effectiveness and cost satisfaction for those a eco-friendly vegan life.."In the aspect of time consumption-value, works the best."

"Vegan, eco-friendly-related consumption-value based consumers may grow in numbers in close future, and this trend seems to become a big force, making valuable and sharing lives in our society.
The '7th Vegenomics fair veganfest' was held between the 17th of March and 19th at Hakyeoul station(Seoul), SETEC 1st and 2nd exhibition center. I attended this event for two days; the opening and the final days. I perceive that it was 'a festival for those who follow after consumption-value wanting to see a sustainable and healthy world while hoping for the welfare of everyone'. At the same time, I got to realize that my home country is no longer a wild land for vegan and eco-friendly products. (Photo: Jinil, Kang Reporter )

[Consumerwide_Jinil, Kang Reporter / Yohan, Bok Reporter] ''What could I do in order to care for the health of the earth, the basis of my life, while taking care of my health?', 'Would there be a way that just suits me? It'd be nice to get some information as I begin. Light and fun ways would be even better...', 'Is there a good chance to get children to experience eco-friendly ideas in a concrete way?' , 'As a vegan I want more information...' If you've been thinking one of these thoughts, the Vegenomics fair veganfesta having 7th year would have been the event just suit on you. (17th of March ~19th)'

I participated in this event for two days, including the opening day and the final day. And, concluded that it was 'a festival for those who follow after consumption-value wanting to see a sustainable and healthy world while hoping for the welfare of everyone'. At the same time, I got to realize that my home country is no longer a wild land for vegan and eco-friendly products.

If you are into eco-friendly and vegan life, the festival, the Vegenomics fair veganfesta, would satisfy both cost-effectiveness and cost-satisfaction."In the aspect of time consumption-value, works the best.

The'7th Vegenomics fair veganfesta' at the site (photo: Jinil, Kang Reporter )

The'7th Vegenomics fair veganfesta' was held this year between 17th of March and 19th at Hakyeoul station(Seoul) SETEC 1st, 2nd exhibition center.

On the day of the event, the place was crowded regardless of family, friends, individuals and couples from the morning. It was rather surprising to see quite a number of people showing interest when it was a morning on weekly days and the event had just begun.

An event-related person introduced the time with an assurance saying, "You'll get to meet over 800 brands from 150 businesses at the 200 booth. With the Next Vegan, you may pay attention to 50 rookie(new) brands from 36 businesses, which businesses are presenting new products after the 4th quarter of 2022."

Just like what I heard, visitors could experience all of them in one place; ▲ HMR where one can try easily eco-friendly and vegan products, and food items including meal-kit, sauce, seasoning, drinks and snacks ▲ cosmetics which one can enjoy stylish vegan life, and fashion products including bags and shoose ▲ Action organizations that helps one to know information and knowledge about vegan and eco-friendly life ▲ product for household and everyday life, which includes washing powder, soap, container, goods ▲ vegan trend strategy seminar and vegan talk show.

In particular,the drinks and food-related-brand booths attracted many visitors by offering chances to taste bread, juice, luwakcoffee, snacks, Jajangmyeon, tuna can, Kimchi, dumplin, Bulgogi, hamburgers, nugget, souces, seasonings.

A vegan-Jajangmyeon-related person said, "One experience matters more than many good talks. Not only healthy and environmentally good. But, it is delicious."

An alternative meat brand-related person said, "Nowadays, tasteless alternative meats are out of consumer choice. We made a savory and healthy alternative meat product. You may be surprised if you get to taste them."

A coffee-brand related person said, "Rwakcoffee can show that with our product one can practice animal welfare while enjoying the food. The taste is guaranteed." 

A female visitor on the 30th (fulltime homemaker, Seoul Gangnamgu) shared her impression, "Today, I came thinking into mind that I might purchase if I get to find a product that meets my belief in the environment and health, and qualified taste. I checked out a vegan nugget. It really tastes better than a real chicken nugget. I recommend you to purchase them."

A young couple on the 20th(student, Seoul) said "We couple have a big interest in the environment, so we've been trying to use eco-friendly products. Even if it costs a little more, we choose to purchase an eco-friendly product. We wanted to try vegan food, but because of the taste, we hesitated. But, the ones we tasted today were good. We had  dumplines, Bulgogi, a can of tuna. Maybe it's time to begin eating vegan food. I immediately bought dumplins, and might try on other products online."

The 7th Vegenomics fair veganfesta at the site (Photo: Jinil, Kang Reporter )

The visitors were visiting and discussing at the booth of active organizations where they practice and encourage a vegan/eco-friendly lifestyle. As well, they seemed initiative in recharging their knowledge by participating in seminars, and talkshows.

A male visitor on the 50th whom I met at the vegan talkshow said, (salaryman, Bundang Seongnaumsi) "I am interested in environmental issues and travel. Hence, it was helpful for me to participate in a travel related vegan talkshow today. I think when I travel I will get solid toothpaste later on. Just by this little action, it contributes to the earth I live on."

Besides, visitors seemed attracted to vegan cosmetics and shoes. A female visitor on the 30th who came to the event with friends said, (freelancer, Seoul) "I've already been using vegan cosmetics for myself and the earth. During the visit here, I met a brand that makes a cosmetic product with only environmentally friendly methods, including the container. I might use their product beginning with lip balm." 

A female visitor in the 40th who is fond of choosing said, "I tried on shoes at the eco-friendly shoe brand booth. I liked the design and the product being eco-friendly attracts me even more. In addition, the price doesn't seem too expensive, so I am considering purchasing them."

I participated for two days during the Vegenomics fair veganfesta period. I noticed there were quite a number of people and was suprised by observing the quality of products from the participant brand. It was a chance to experience various and rich things and I might have to say that this festival may be the best for those who weigh on eco-friendly vegan products on the aspect of time consumption-value.

And, considering the passionate interest and effort I saw in the participants', Korea, which used to have fewer people interested in vegan and eco-friendly products compared to Europe, is no longer a wild land for vegan and eco-environmental issues.

I clearly see that there will be more vegan, eco-friendly-related consumption-value consumers in the future, and this trend will be a big force for making valuable and sharing lives in our society.



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