[Consumption Values-Field] Volvo car group top directors pass on future visions..‘Safety’·‘Sustainability’
[Consumption Values-Field] Volvo car group top directors pass on future visions..‘Safety’·‘Sustainability’
  • HueSoung, Jun Reporter / Yohan, Bok Reporter
  • 승인 2023.03.15 13:40
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Volvo car group CEO (Jim Rowan), global chief operating officers, and Volvo car Korea president are pausing in front of VolvoC40-recharge.
( Photo by HueSoung, Jun Reporter )

[Consumerwide_ HueSoung, Jun Reporter / Yohan, Bok Reporter] Volvo cars have announced brand change and vision towards a new era and future. At the center of it, there was safety and sustainability. These core keywords have become standard of consumption values.

Volvo car group CEO, Jim Rowan anad global chief operating officers are greeting at the press day on 14th as Volvo is reaching Volvo car Korea 25th anniversary.
 ( Photo by  HueSoung, Jun Reporter)

On the 14th at 10am, a press conference took place in Shila hotel Seoul to have the global top directors and CEO (Jim Rowan) of Volvo car group in Korea for the first time. Volvo car group directors announced their mid-long term management plans for successful acceleration of electrification and passing on Swedish luxury leadership, which is distinguished in the domestic market, at the press conference.

 Volvo car group CEO Jim Rowan is speaking. (Photo by HueSoung, Jun Reporter)

On that day, Jim Rowan, the CEO of Volvo car group, opened up his speech with friendly greetings in Korean, '안녕하십니까'. And, he continued, 'I came to Korea in order to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Volvo car Korea this year. Korea grew speedily. Now took up 9th place in the world. Hence, I thought it was the right timing to visit."

Volvo is known as a safe brand. Volvo Car has a history of close to 100 years, and has been maintaining a leadership of safety for 100 years. The safety of Volvo is becoming the standard of consumption value-based consumers. Some even wait over 2 years in order to purchase this safe Volvo car.

Jim Rowan, the CEO, has said, "Volvo always prioritizes safety, and focuses on improving the experience of the customers by using sustainability techniques. Safety and sustainability are important. We've been striving to be a better company for the customers and the earth. This is probably a reason that we were successful till now. Based on this principle, we have passed 100 years, which will be the same for the next 100 years."

Volvo car group chief operating officer and vice president Javier Varela is explaining about safety and sustainability of Volvo car.  (Photo by HueSoung, Jun Reporter)

On the press day, Javier Varela, the chief operating officer and a vice-president of the Volvo car group explained about the safety techniques which Volvo considers to be the most important and newly exploited. He said, "Safety is a foundational purpose of Volvo. We've had a safety culture for over 100 years, and went through editions of exploitation for safety. When Volvo began in the first place, safety meant protecting the safety of the passengers and the drivers in the case of an accident. It was the core value. First of all, the seatbelt is the safety belt. In addition to that, Volvo car has developed safety techniques which are even more safe through data research that includes analyzing events at the accident site. Thus, we became the pioneers in this field. By installing the camera, the body is capable of sensing other vehicles on the sides. Breaks of vehicles are capable of perfect control. In this way, we upgraded safety."

Not only for safety, the Volvo car is exploited for sustainability as well, including electrification and climate neutralization. Jim Rowan, the CEO said, "Sustainability has been an underlying issue in Volvo cars for ages long. What materials are used, how they manufacture them, and in what environmental processes, all these processes for Volvo cars focus on sustainability. Not only the process of Volvo car making, but also design concerns to reduce the footprint of CO2. Volvo car is aiming to reduce CO2 emissions at 40% by 2025.

The biggest concern is the pure EV sales part. Furthermore, we are constructing new battery factories in Sweden. Through this we're going to manufacture the battery cell itself using green energy. Our supply network, manufacture process, materials, all these will aim for one: sustainability. Before all else, reduce using energy. Second is producing our energy through environment-friendly resources such as hydro water or wind power. Taking those methods, Volvo car factories are planning on establishing to neutralize CO2 by 2025. Till 2040, we will accomplish perfect CO2 neutralization. Sustainability is taking place in the sales environment today. Customers in Korea are checking out as a purchase point, whether the product or the brand is genuinely seeking after sustainability. In other words, consumers who prioritize consumption values are becoming a major trend.

Volvo car group chief sales officer and vice president, Björn Annwall ( Photo by HueSoung, Jun Reporter)

Volvo car group chief sales officer and vice president, Björn Annwall said, "Beyond safety, sustainability is a major part. Customers look for both the most secure vehicle and sustainability in Volvo cars. They expect Volvo to contribute plentifully to making a sustainable vehicle environment. This is the core value of a Volvo car. If a company wants to become a profitable company, they have to place sustainability in the center."

Volvo Car Korea, having its 25th anniversary this year, has been genuine about CSR, Corporate Social Responsibility. Starting in 2017, Volvo has been donating approx. 1.7 billion won till today to children with disabilities through an agreement with Purme foundation. From 2019, Volvo is discontinuing to use disposable plastics, which is the first time in the vehicle industry. As a part of safety activities, Volvo is involved in activities of the 'Hey, plogging' campaign and environmental film festival, cooperating with an environmental foundation.

Volvo car Korea president Lee Yunmo is explaining on copportate social responsibility of Volvo car Korea.
 (Photo by HueSoung, Jun Reporter)

Volvo Cars Korea CEO, Li Yoonmo said, "Volvo is going to maintain campaigns that our tiny effort may serve even in a small portion of the environment of the Korean Peninsula. Volvo is planning on investing 10billion won to extend the local showrooms & service centers. This possibly means that Volvo is offering additional employment for approx. 200 people. Volvo is striving to contribute to Korean society while expanding the business constantly. Volvo is planning on raising roughly 5 billion won by 2025 in order to serve Korean society following Volvo."

Volvo car group CEO Jim is pausing in front of C40. (Photo by  HueSoung, Jun Reporter) 


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