[Car Wide] Domestic 5 top car brands, Dec purchase benefits...Casper max 1 million won, traverse 4 million discount
[Car Wide] Domestic 5 top car brands, Dec purchase benefits...Casper max 1 million won, traverse 4 million discount
  • Yohan, Bok Reporter
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​Hyundai·Kia·Chevrolet·Ssangyong·Renault ​Korea are announcing Dec purchase benefits
5 top domestic car brands have proposed various purchase benefits on Dec. 

[Consumerwide_ Yohan, Bok Reporter] 5 top domestic car brands have proposed various purchase benefits on Dec.  Hyundai is proposing an exceptional 'Casper purchase benefit', ​celebrating attaining the top in the light vehicle sales field, and Kia·Chevrolet·Ssangyong are proposing various benefits for domestic sales promotion. Renault Korea is proposing a max 36 month/ 4.9% credit card installment plan.

​On the 1st, followed by the industry, Hyundai car is offering a customer appreciation event in response to the favor of Caspers during Dec.

Casper has sold over 44000 cars, and confirmed top this year in the light car field.

First of all, Casper/Casper van purchase customers get a special discount, max 1 million won to minimum 0.5 million won. In addition, Casper/Casper van purchase customers who paid over 5 million won with a Hyundai car-dedicated card are offered a cashback benefit worth 0.3 million won. In the condition, single payment or under 18month installment plan, save auto choice. Casper/Casper Van contract, release customers can receive free body care service until a year from the day of release.(under 20,000 km mileage)

Along with this, Hyundai car is providing purchase benefits for other cars during Dec. ▲Nexo 3.1 million won ▲Sonata·N-line max 1.7 million won ▲Santafe max 1.4 million won ▲The all new Grandeur·Hybrid, Palisade each max 1.1 million won ▲Avante·Hybrid, Venue, Kona·Hybrid, AvanteN·Line, KonaN·Line each max 0.95 million won ▲Sonata Hybrid, Tucson·Hybrid, Satafe Hybrid, Ionic6, Ionic5, Tucson NLine·Hybrid each max 0.9 million won ▲Staria·Lounge, PorterⅡ·Electric each 0.75 million won benefits are provided.

Kia is offering a min 5.9% installment plan for all models during Dec. First of all, green cars, including EV, get each max 0.7 million won benefit; models include NiroEV·Hybrid, EV6, BongoⅢ. EV gets each max 0.7 million won benefit. For passenger cars ▲Morning,  Ray gets each max 0.4 million won ▲K3·GT get each max 0.58 million won ▲K5 get max 0.7 million won ▲K8 max 0.9 million won ▲Stinger max 0.78 million won ▲K9 max 0.15 million won benefits are provided. For RVs, ▲Seltos, Niro, Sportage each get max 0.58 million won, and ▲Sorento, Mohave, Carnival·hi-limousine each max 0.9 million won benefit are given. For Ssangyong, BongoⅢ trucks get a max of 0.58 million won benefit.

Chevrolet has begun a special December promotion. With speedy release, plenty of customer benefits are provided. First of all, if customers purchase a Traverse through a combo program (combination of cash support and monthly installment plan), a max 4 million won discount benefit is given. Additionally, low interest, such as 2.9%/ max 72 month installment plan benefits are provided.

Traverse customers are offered 0.5 million won cash support, and Chevrolet plus care 1 year 20000 km(worth 374000 won), which is a paid guarantee-extension service, for free. Tahoe purchase customers are provided a 1 year interest-free deferred repayment program(first 1 year: monthly 0.8 million won pay, afterwards 6.0% interest). All the Tahoe customers are provided with Chevrolet plus care for 2-year 40000 km (worth 682000 won), which is a paid guarantee extension service, for fee. Chevrolet supports a car registration fee worth 3 million won for the single payment purchase of a Tahoe.

Trailblazer customers are supported with a​ max of 0.8 million won in cash though the combo-program. With 4.4% interest, a ​max 36 month installment program is provided. For Colorado single payment purchase, 2 million won, for Combo-program choice, car registration free worth 1 million won is supported. All the Colorado purchase customers are offered release memento, a 'Camping chair and table set'. Among Colorado customers, Z71 model pick customers are supported with 3 types of accessory installation (worth 0.6 million won) which you can upgrade to a special model, Signature-X, for free.

Besides, if customers who own over a 7-year-old car purchase a Spark, they get 0.2 million won support, and Malibu·Trailblazer·Equinox·traverse·Colorado·Tahoe customers get 0.3 million won additional support. According to the manufacture time, Equinox customers are supported by 0.5 million won, and Tahoe customers, a max 2 million won additional support.

Ssangyong car is providing various benefits during Dec as they are celebrating a new start for the KG family group.

In a high interest rate period, in order to lighten the burden of customers, they run various installment programs, which you can choose according to models, including customer appreciation voucher and a 5.9% installment program.

First of all, a 'customer appreciation service voucher' worth 1.3 million won, which you can use without worrying about consumables for 5 years, is offered for the purchase of the Rexton brand, including 'All new Rexton' and 'New Rexton sports and Kan, on the condition of a single payment.

For customers with a monthly installment program, a smart installment program is offered, which gives a choice of 5.9%~7.9%(36~ 72 months) according to the advance payment (0%~50%).

Additionally, Rexton brand customers have a chance to get event vouchers (based on casting lots). In total, 25 people get the voucher, and the event includes, ▲a travel voucher worth 0.5 million won, which you can enjoy Ho-kang-s along with your family at the hotel and resort (10people), ▲a travel voucher worth 0.3 million won, which you can use for Gl-ram-ping and ski resort (10people) ▲and Hana-tour travel voucher worth 0.2 million won for Auto-camping.

Torres, Korando, Tivoli, Tivoli Air run a Smart installment program, which offers an interest rate between 5.9%(36 months) and 7.9%(60 months) according to an advance payment(0%~50%). Other than that, the Loyalty program, which gives an additional discount between 0.1 million  won and 0.2 million won according to the number (Ssangyong car models) of purchase-repeat by car types, is continually offered.

Renault Korea Motors (ReunoKorea) is offering 4.9% installment payment/ max 36 months for all types of models including QM6, SM6, XM3 until the end of the year.

Monthly installment payment products of RenaultKorea are offered without separate cash advance payment, but all installment payment. For 48 months, 5.9%, and for 60 months, a 6.9% rate is offered. XM3 E-Tech Hybrid and SM6 Feel new trim can be purchased with a 36 month installment payment only. RenaultKorea is offering a customer test drive event, which provides various give-aways at the local motor exhibition stores.


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