[Distribution Wide] The hotel and coffeehouse industries are pouring out Christmas cake products...year-end special competition
[Distribution Wide] The hotel and coffeehouse industries are pouring out Christmas cake products...year-end special competition
  • Yohan, Bok Reporter
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Twosomeplace, Coffeebean, some of the coffeehouses begin cake sales...Starbucks and Hollys are about to release

Large hotels are starting Christmas cake reservation sales or planning to release
On the 29th, the hospitality and coffeehouse industries, including hotels and coffeehouses, are setting out to dominate customers by releasing Christmas cakes this year.

[Consumerwide_ Yohan, Bok Reporter] The Christmas cake season has returned. On the 29th, the hospitality and coffeehouse industries, including hotels and coffeehouses, are setting out to dominate customers by releasing Christmas cakes this year.

Coffeehouses, full of year-end atmosphere

At the moment, only a couple of coffeehouses, including Twosomeplace and Coffeebean, are presenting Christmas cake products this year. Soon, most coffeehouses, including Starbucks and Hollys, seem to begin Christmas cake sales. 

First of all, Twosomeplace is releasing 11 kinds of cakes on a 'Winter Holiday Show' theme, that completes holiday season, as they are reaching the 20th brand anniversary; ▲'Winter holiday show', which cake reminds of  a Christmas wreath along with an intense red glaze and various fruit decoration ▲'Victoria dacquoise chocolate whipped cream' made of sweet ganache whipped cream and fresh strawberry on the glutinous dacquoise sheet, which cake will amuse sight and taste this winter, ▲'The sweet celebration', which cake has luxury appearance along with white-gold color combination while giving special taste experience, ▲'Holiday strawberry show' which cake is a 2 tier cake made of the Twosome best seller, 'Strawberry chocolate whipped cream(Seu-Cho-Saeng: Korean initial letter)’ in luxury visual, ▲'Winter snow bear' made of chocolate whipped cream·marshmallow·chocolate chip layers on the moisture and deep chocolate sheet, ▲'My twosome heart duo' made of 'New York cheese' (twosome steady seller) and 'Classic gateau chocolate' two taste, which you can enjoy according to personality, ▲'Twosome black forest' made of sweet chocolate curl and fresh cherry match on the rich whipped cream and chocolate sheet, ▲'Fresh strawberry Mascarpone whipped cream' with full of sweet fresh strawberry, which you can enjoy in whole cake and piece cakes two types ▲'White vanilla bean mousse' that expressed white Christmas on a snow field along with a meringue decoration and vanilla bean mousse and sweet custard whipped cream combination, ▲'Winter chestnut cake' that reminds of a Santa hat.

This Christmas cake applied a design optimizing the artwork, in a luxury fairytale sense, completed in collaboration with a famous illustrator, Wookhan Choi.

The orders are made in the local branches and through the 'whole cake reservation' on the  'Twosome heart' application till a day before pick up. You have access to delivery orders, mobile coupon purchase and gifting through the 'give present' menu on Twosome-heart app and Kakaotalk app. 

Coffeebean is presenting 4 types of Christmas whole cake; ▲'Strawberry pure milk cake' made of pure milk cream and strawberry compote on a tender white sheet’▲'Winter Rudolf chocolate mousse cake' made of sweet-crunch combination of deep chocolate sheet and Belgium chocolate mousse, and crunch dark chocolate ball combination, ▲'Snow dorm carrot cake' that contains plenty of butter-savor cream cheese on the moisture sheet made of walnut and Korean carrot ▲'Buche de Noël chocolate crape' with an impressive log firewood shape.

Coffeebean whole cake early reservation promotion is held till 11th of Dec. Early reservation customers with Coffeebean app order service (purple order) can receive a Deco-pick 4 set and a free drink voucher.

Besides, Hollys, Starbucks, Idiyacoffee are about to release Christmas season cakes. A Hollys related person said during a Consumerwide interview, 'Soon, we are going to release a new Christmas cake product.'

Large hotels are competing with high-priced limited edition cakes

Large domestic hotels seem to differentiate their product with 'high-priced limited edition cakes' for the winning movie. Grand Intercontinental Seoul Parnas has released 11 kinds of year-end cakes this year. Among them, 'Merry go round', made with a motive for the merry-go-round, costs as much as 200 thousand won. The number of cakes is limited. 11 kinds of cakes presented by 'Grand Intercontinental Seoul Parnas' are on sale during Dec. Each cake is limited to 30. Orders are made as a reservation a week before pickup day.

Westin Chosun Seoul is presenting 3 types of Christmas cakes; ▲'Wishing tree' in tree shape, 140000 won, ▲'Happy J Santa' in Santa's face figure, 15000 won, ▲'Blissful Wreath' in wreath shape, 85000 won.

Lotte hotel is releasing 2022 Christmas cakes at Signiel Seoul/Busan, Lottehotel Seoul/ World/ Busan/Jeju. Signiel Seoul Pastry Salon presented ▲'Christmas red puff' decorated with vanilla cream and raspberry puff, ▲ having Santa's costume motive, made of Hanrabong in milk chocolate mousse, 'Santa cake'. Signiel Busan Pastry Salon is selling ▲'Christmas tree', which expresses a Christmas tree covered with snow by decorating gold pearl along with pistachio and dacquoise in vanilla cheese mousse, ▲'Christmas hat' cake made of a Vanilla yogurt mousse, citron·strawberry compote, white chocolate crunch. Lottehotel Seoul and World, Busan Delicahans are presenting luxury cakes as if they just moved out of Christmas in a fairytale. Among them, the cake with the highest price is the 'Bear chocolate house' , which has a cookie house shape, at 120 thousand won.

Boulangerie, The Plaza of the Plaza hotel has released 'Christmas wishing', which is made of 10 kinds of cakes including a tree tart that has custard cream and blueberry, and deep ginger cookies. Among them, Tart, Strawberry whipped cream, Black forest, and Red velvet are newly presented. You can purchase them in the store, and a Naver reservation is available.

Conrad Seoul is presenting a season limited edition, 'Christmas festive cake' in 6 types; ▲Conrad signature tree cake ▲Christmas wreath cake▲Tanariva milk chocolate cake ▲Classic forest cake ▲Strawberry whipped cream cake ▲Tiramisu cake. These cakes are available between 2nd and 31st of Dec at the Flames lounge, 1st fl. of Conrad Seoul. Grand Hyatt Seoul is selling 11 kinds of whole cakes and 14 kinds of mini cakes and dessert at the hotel bakery, The Deli. The cakes include ▲Present cake of Christmas ▲Dark chocolate log cake ▲White strawberry log cake ▲Jingle bell mousse ▲Santa hat cake ▲Ornament montblanc cake. You can purchase them between 6th and 25th of Dec. Reservations are available 2 days or earlier before pickup, and purchase at the store is possible depending on the stock.

Besides, Kensington hotel Yeouido, Sophitel ambassador Seoul, Novotel Ambassador Seoul, Fairmont Ambassador Seoul are presenting Christmas cakes.



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