[Distribution Wide]Baedalminjok·Coupangeats·Yogiyo, cheering promotion for World Cup Korean team..various promotions are offered.
[Distribution Wide]Baedalminjok·Coupangeats·Yogiyo, cheering promotion for World Cup Korean team..various promotions are offered.
  • Yohan, Bok Reporter
  • 승인 2022.11.24 14:52
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Baedalminjok, incl. 'guess first goal' event, various events

Coupangeats, 'Bang-gu-seok soccer expert, wanted' event

Yogiyo, wishing a good game for the Korean soccer national team, '# Ppal-gan-mat(Red taste) cheer event'

[Consumerwide_ Yohan, Bok Reporter] The delivery app industry is offering various promotions for the 2022 Qatar World Cup Korean group league games. On the 23rd, followed by the industry, Baedalminjok is offering a 'guess first goal' event for the Korean group league.

The first Korean group league game is held on the 24th, matching with Urguay. On that day, through drawing lots, 2022 coupons (for 2022 people) worth 10 thousand won are given away. During the World Cup preliminary round, which is between the 4th week of Nov and the 1st week of Dec, major brands are offering a discount sale event. The items include chicken, pizza, and are enjoyable while watching the World Cup games. Brand lineups differ each week.

A Baedalminjok related person said during the interview with Consumerwide, "On the day of the Korean group league preliminary round (3 round), considering delivery food orders are swarmed, we will try to check and respond ahead with the rider system for the smooth run. We are also publically announcing the World Cup schedules to the restaurant owners that may help them during the period."

Coupangeats is offering the 'Bang-gu-seok soccer expert, wanted'(soccer expert in the room) event aimed at the Korean group league. It is an event to guess the score of the Korean national team for the Urguay match on the 24th.

All the participants get a discount coupon worth max. 6 thousand won. If you participate in the guessing, you get a 1000 won coupon, and when you succeed in guessing, an additional 5000 won coupon is given.

Along with this, Coupangeats is providing a 'limited national team coupon at 4pm on the day of the Korean game. This event is open only to Kakaoplus friends. Coupangeats also added a new application function, 'Ham-ggae-ju-mun'(Together order), which you can order together while watching a soccer game.

Meanwhile, Yogiyo is offering the '# Ppal-gan-mat(Red taste) cheer event' wishing a good game for the Korean national soccer team.

Any participant who leaves a passionate cheering message for the Korean national soccer team on the # Ppal-gan-mat(Red taste) cheer event micro site on the Yogiyo application can get a discount coupon worth 2000 won. (first come, first served basis)

The promotion lasted till the 3rd of Dec. A coupon discount is applicable only through 'Yogiseo 1sec pay' or 'Yogiseo pay' after selecting your Ppalganmat food menu, which you can enjoy while cheering the soccer game.

And, if you share your link on Instagram with hash tag, ‘#yogiyo’, ‘#Ppalganmat cheer event’, along with the food image which you have just ordered, you get a chance to win the additional giveaway event, which provides 'Airpod max' and 'Yogiyo discount coupon' through casting lots.

'Yogiro, goal delivery event' is offered between 28th of Nov and 5th of Dec. This event gives out a 5000 won discount coupon, which you can use on the condition of the Korean national team scoring a goal. (first come first served) Any Yogiyo customer can participate.

A Yogiyo related person said, "We've been preparing this promotion for many Yogiyo customers to enjoy more while they cheer our national team during the World Cup, the global festival."




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