[Distribution Wide] Coupang·Gmarket Ecommerce is starting a discount sale aiming at the USA 'Black Friday'
[Distribution Wide] Coupang·Gmarket Ecommerce is starting a discount sale aiming at the USA 'Black Friday'
  • Yohan, Bok Reporter
  • 승인 2022.11.23 09:40
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Coupang·Gmarket·SSGdotcom·Lotteon, domestic e-commerce representative, is offering various discount sales in relation to the US 'Black Friday'
 Coupang·Gmarket·SSGdotcom·Lotteon, domestic e-commerce representative, is offering various discount sales, having global products ahead on the 4th week of Nov during the USA 'Black Friday' period.

[Consumerwide_ Yohan, Bok Reporter] Coupang·Gmarket·SSGdotcom·Lotteon, domestic e-commerce representative, is offering various discount sales, having global products ahead on the 4th week of Nov during the US 'Black Friday' period. In fact, Black Friday in the US, the event with a discount sale on the largest scale during a year, is held on 25th (Friday), which is a day after Thanksgiving day, the third week of Nov.

On the 21st, followed by the industry, Coupang is hosting a discount sales event, which offers Rocket Jikgu (direct import goods) and Rocket delivery direct import goods, as they are celebrating the world shopping festival, Black Friday. The event is held till the 27th of Nov. This event has the participation of popular global brands in Coupang, which brands include Nowfoods, Nothing, Marshall, Dyson, Xiaomi, Esteelauder, Musclepharm, and Jennybakery.

The 'Only one day price' deal offers popular products on the global market at an economical price, such as, the 40 thousand won range for Jomalone perfume, and the 200 thousand won range for Marshall Acton speaker. 'Only one day price' deal is offered 4 times a day, which is held daily 7am, 11am, 3pm, 7pm.  Also, 'Category deal', and 'Clearance corner', which corner offers products at a max 70% discount price, are offered. Maximum 20 thousand won discount coupon is offered. When the coupon is applied, a Rocket Jikgu product gets a 10 thousand discount on a product worth 65000 won, and 20 thousand won discount on a product worth 100 thousand won (additional discount). 

A Coupang related person said, "We've been preparing the event with various benefits so that Coupang customers may enjoy the global shopping event Black Friday. It would be wonderful if our customers could shop popular imported goods economically and easily by using Rocket Jikgu and Rocket delivery service."

Gmarket and Auction are offering the 'Haeoe-jikgu (Overseas-Direct import goods) big sale' aimed at Black Friday till the 30th of Nov for 10 days. All the overseas-direct import goods get a discount, and some products get a max 50% discount. The 'Haeoejikgu big sale' is an annual ongoing event. During the event period, a max 20% discount coupon is given according to the amount of purchase. A max 100 thousand immediate discount benefit is given for any purchase with one of the 5 event credit cards; Samsung/ Hana/ BC/ NHNonghyup /Lotte. With distinctive theme corners, which themes are made of ▲Luxury Jikgu ▲Overseas food corner ▲Wholesome food corner ▲Overseas fashion beauty ▲Ga-sung-bi(cost effectiveness) Jikgu-tem ▲Gam-sung(sentimental) camping ▲Home styling ▲Golf rounding ▲Apple vs Galaxy ▲Today's Jikgu, you have an access to your favourite goods to daily special &seasonal deals.

'Special edition live broadcasting', where you can purchase products with live-commerce special deal and benefit, is held everyday at 8pm during the 'Haeoejikgu big sale' period. The 'Special edition live broadcasting' is held for total 12 times, which include 4 times of additional slots. The best giveaways in event history are offered. The 'Daily luckydraw event' offers giveaways, including a Christian Dior bag, a limited edition of Nike running shoes, iPhone14, Rimowa carrier, by applying for a 100 won deal on the 'Haeoejikgu big sale' page, everyday at 10am (first come first served basis). The winner is casted through a lottery system, and is announced at 8pm during the live broadcasting.

A Gmarket related person said, "'Haeoejikgu big sale' is an enterprise-scale discount promotion started this year aiming at the Black Friday season and year-end shopping peak. Based on our experience of running shops specialized in overseas imported goods over 10 years, we've been sourcing products according to the characteristics of each category, and retained price competitiveness in the high inflation and high currency. Gmarket and Auction are planning on making it an annual promotion, so that it may settle as a Korean Black Friday event, which event may satisfy demand for year-end overseas direct imported goods."

Meanwhile, SSGdotcom is offering an 'SSG Black Friday' promotion, which includes a max 80% discount deal, between 21st to 27th during a week time. First of all, safe and speedy overseas import goods, which include 22FW luxury new release, Mooseknuckles, Givenchy, Chloe, Fendi, Saint Laurent, Offwhite, Moschino, are offered. ▲Luxury cosmetics incl. Esteelauder, Sisley, Lamer, Guerlain, SK2, ▲Best milk powder collection incl. Aptamil, Hipp, Holle, ▲Popular functional food collection for health incl. Orthomol, Centrum, Jarrow, and ▲Illy, Barbaro capsule coffee collection sales are offered as well.

Only one-day sale products, 'Today's black deal best 12', are ready as well. It can be purchased between midnight(12am) and 11:59 pm, and products in special one-day price deal are mostly handled during that time. On the 21st, the first day of the event, Egoist blue label lines are offered at exclusive prices, and the premium outers including Moncler and Maxmara brands, are offered at maximum 68% discount price. 

On the 22nd, if you choose 'Samsung electronics' Ja-geub-jae(Self-Sufficiency System) special deal, 'Tissot' gentleman open heart exclusively, washing powder(incl. Acts, Tech, Downey) 1+1 special deal products are suggested. On that day, Ultraintense clearance sale products at a max 80% discount, are offered as well.

Besides, SSGdotcom is giving away 20 thousand people 12% and 10% discount coupons (2 types), which coupons are applicable on any Shinsegaemall and Shinsegae department store mall product, everyday 9am. (first come first served basis)

Smileclub members get an additional 12% discount coupon(first come first served/ 4 thousand people). An 'SSGdotcome' related person said, "We've prepared various products, from products with high discount rates to trust worthy and verified overseas import products, as we are celebrating Black Friday."

Lotteon is offering Black week till the 27th of Nov. As facing the year end, various products with a high gift demand are offered at a 70% (max) discount price. First of all, 'On and the beauty Black Week' provides a max 10% immediate card discount benefit and max 8% discount coupon, which is applicable for all the department store beauty category brand products during the event period.

Everyday 10am, first 1000 people get the chance for a max 15% discount coupon. (first come first served) For the 'On and the beauty club' memberships, additional benefits for the popular beauty brands are provided. 10 thousand L.Points are given for those who purchase a product of major beauty category brand, including Dior, Esteelauder, Kiel. 'On and the beauty' presents exclusive picks for special gifts. 'Loccitane 2022 Holiday limited Vervain magerine product(3pcs) are presented as a Lotte exclusive promotion. 'On and the luxury Black Week' also offers the winter season popular overseas luxury brands inclu. Moncler, Burberry, Prada, Gucci, Ugg, at a max 50% discount price.

Lotte department store mall is hosting Black Week centering on fashion, miscellaneous items, and beauty, for year-end gifts and winter-season products till the 1st of Dec. During the event period, 100 department store brands, incl. K2, Eider, Studio tomboy, are offered at a max. 70% discount price, and overlapped discount coupons are offered, which coupons are applicable for fashion, miscellaneous items, and beauty category.

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