[IT Wide] Three major mobile carriers are offering promotions for the KSAT takers...Benefits comparison
[IT Wide] Three major mobile carriers are offering promotions for the KSAT takers...Benefits comparison
  • Yohan, Bok Reporter
  • 승인 2022.11.18 09:48
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SKT, ‘New0s Suneung(KSAT) festival’

KT, Goodbye Suneung, Goodbuy KT Shop

LG U-plus, ‘Outstanding U+ test taker benefit’
Three major mobile carriers are offering promotions for KSAT takers.

[Consumerwide_ Yohan, Bok Reporter]  Three major mobile carriers are offering promotions for KSAT takers. Each company is preparing various events related to travel, obtaining a driver's license, a movie, an amusement park, changing cellular phones that examinees might enjoy freely after the exam.

SKT, ‘New0s Suneung festival’

On the 17th, followed by the industry, SKT is opening ‘New0s Suneung(KSAT) festival' between 17th (on the day of KSAT) to the 14th of Dec.

First of all, SKT is opening a lucky draw event, which is made of shocking goods worth 3 million won, during the festival. The application is opened for any test taker, who was born between 2003-2004, through the official website, Tworld.

In addition, those test takers (limited to 2022 people) who purchase a cellular phone, while becoming a SKT membership (incl.changing device), get a chance for various giveaways (lottery system);  electronics incl. ▲Macbookpro or galaxybook(5 people) ▲Ipadpro or galaxytab(7 people) ▲Airpodpro 2gen or Harman/Kardon sound sticks(10 people) and, ▲Kyochon chicken boucher(300 people) ▲Oliveyoung 30 thousand won boucher(700 people) ▲Starbucks boucher(1,000 people). The test takers who purchased a cellular phone can apply for it by connecting to the New0s Suneung festival event page.

The 'ICT complex cultural space T factory' located at Hongdae, is giving away the Burt's bees ripbalm to the test takers who present their test verification slip on the 17th (first come first served basis) while selling Applewatch, Galaxywatch, Airpod, Ipad, Apple original accessories in max. 30% discounted price till sold out. Between the 22nd to the 24th, beauty oneday class, which a beauty creator is leading, and knitting oneday class are offered. Between the 25th to the 28th, a 'Special dukkon' concert, in which Oksangdalbit, Guman, Soran, Cheese are participating, is offered.

T-direct shop is giving away T-gifts. The T-gift is selected from the three goods; LAMY hard cover note, JBL earphones, Fitcoach bluetooth scale.

Till the 9th of Dec, T-direct shop is giving away customers who participate in the game through the 'Galaxy deuktem(get a good item) chance event'. Giveaways are selected from ▲Galaxy book2 pro(1 person) ▲Galaxy tab S8+ (2 people) ▲Westin Joseon Seoul stay boucher(3 people) ▲Outback boucher(10 people) ▲Starbucks gifticon (500 people)

SKT is giving away the Buds 2 pro (Samsung electronics cooperated) to those examinees who purchase Fold4, Flip4, S22 from 15th of Nov, and additionally giving out the Buds cases worth 30 thousand won to 3 thousand people. (first come first served basis)

On the 23rd, 30th, T-day, ▲Everland/Lotteworld ▲Baskinrobbins ▲Lotte Cinema ▲Chicor are providing a discount benefit. The 'New 0 weeks' promotion provides benefits preferred by examinees, such as ▲Shakeshack ▲Gopizza ▲Baskinrobbins ▲Lottecinema ▲A twosomeplace.

The 'Tethering 10GB more' promotion, which provides additional monthly 10GB data sharing for 6months, is offered to new or renewing customers(contract basis) at the age between 13 to 34 (western age) till the end of Nov.

KT, Goodbye Suneung, Goodbuy KT Shop

KT is offering a promotion that provides a cellular phone purchase benefit for the examinees. First of all, if customers, who were born between Nov. 2001 to Dec. 2004, are purchasing a cellular phone till the end of the year, they get Galaxy Buds2 pro white. (100% giveaway) In order to receive the giveaway, you need to purchase the product before the due date, and then apply for the giveaways till the 31st of Jan. 2022. You can apply for it through connecting to the Samsung members app (benefit) and accessing the Suneung promotion benner.

Also, KT is preparing gifts on a big scale along with Samsung electronics. If those who were born between Nov 2001 and Dec 2004 purchase a Samsung cellularphone before the end of Nov, they have a chance to get free giveaways (lottery basis). The giveaways include Galaxy book2 pro (5 people), Lotteworld free user boucher (200 people), Somssidang boucher worth 50 thousand won (400 people).

If customers purchase a Samsung smartphone by 31st of Dec, and were born between Nov 2001 and Dec 2004, they have access to the 'Second hand additional reward program'. Return is limited to Samsung, Apple, and some LG smartphone models. The additional rewards are given each Samsung 150000 won, Apple and LG 10000 won.

KT is preparing a benefit for the Apple iphones. Customers who were born between Nov. 2001 and Dec. 2004, and purchase Iphone 14 series, Iphone 13 series till the end of Nov, have a chance to get iPad pro 11inch 4 gen. 256GB Wifi (1 person/ lottery basis), Airpodpro 2 gen (10 people), Belkin boostup Macsafe wireless recharger padand adoptor (100 people). If the KSAT examinees, who were born between 2002 and 2005, are becoming a new Y-dum additional service membership, they have a chance to receive a Y-luckybox worth 50000 won. (first come, first served basis) Y-luckybox is limited to 1 thousand people. It can also be purchased on a Y-box application. Former members of the Y-dum additional service get the same benefits. The iPad air(1person), Galaxy tab S8+ (1 person) are given to 1000 people (first come first served basis)

LG U-plus, ‘Outstanding U+ test taker benefit’

LG U-plus is offering the ‘Outstanding U+ test taker benefit’ promotion for the Suneung test takers between 17th and the end of Nov. First of all, if customers who were born between 2002 and 2004 purchase a cellular phone in the U-plus store during the event period, they are given free giveaways. (first come first served). The Oliveyoung boucher worth 30000 won, and the Happymoney cultural boucher worth 20000 won are given to 2000 people. And, iPad 9 gen Wifi (3 people), Galaxy tab S8WiFi (3 people), and Applewatch8 45mm (5 people) are given though a lottery system. Galaxy Witcher5 pro 45mm (5 people), and a Marray mini allinone stand (for Iphone/ 30 people) are given as giveaways.

LG U-plus is giving away a Starbucks Americano for 200 examinees regardless of mobile carrier. The event is held till the end of Nov. The winners are announced on the 16th of Dec.

LG U-plus is giving out the Galaxy Buds2 pro white, if customers who were born between 1st of Nov 2001 and 2004 purchase the Galaxy phone(Fold4, GalaxyS22 series, Flip3 KIRSH edition) till the end of Dec. The application is till 31st of Jan 2023.

If customers who were born between 1st of Nov and 2008 purchase a galaxy cellularphone (Flip4, Flip3, GalaxyS22, GalaxyS21 series) till 31st of Dec, and return their former cellularphone device through the U-plus Mintit ATM, they get an additional reward max. worth 150000 won.

In relation to this, an SKT related person said, "We've been preparing various gifts and benefits in order to cheer up the KSAT examinees who were striving to study for 3 years of high school in the pandemic. We hope that the 'New0s Suneung festival' of SKT may give great encouragement and cheers to the examinees."




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