[Home appliance-wide] Home appliance industry, competing dishwashers for 6 people..perfect for a  family of 1-2 members, and a home with a small kitchen
[Home appliance-wide] Home appliance industry, competing dishwashers for 6 people..perfect for a  family of 1-2 members, and a home with a small kitchen
  • Yohan, Bok Reporter
  • 승인 2022.11.04 16:48
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From last year, dishwashers for 6 people are continually being released... This year, the upgraded version has a slim design and functions.
Dishwashers for 6 people are becoming popular.  (Photo by respective companies) 

[Consumerwide_ Yohan, Bok Reporter] Dishwashers for 6 people are becoming popular. This product is aimed at a family of 1-2 members that doesn't have many dishes, or a home with a small kitchen. There has been quite a number of families hesitant to purchase dishwashers because of a small kitchen while having only large dishwashers (for 12 people) being released. Reflecting this trend, the home appliance companies have begun to compete by releasing dishwashers for 6 people.

On the 2nd, followed by the industry, the dishwashers for 6 people were released by most of the home appliance companies. LG H&H has released the most recent product. It's an LG-dios-obje-collection for 6-person dishwashers, which is capable of being installed in a small kitchen on the 1st. This product has focused on balancing the interior through applying the obje-collection color and designs on a compact product. Not only an attractive design, but also a strong washing capacity and drying performance. Dual cleaning wings on the lower part, and the 34 water current under high pressure, which currently sprays in 3 layers covering the rear side, cleans every corner of the dishes. The internal moisture is expelled through the upper vent while the heated wind dries dishes completely without any moisture left out. This machine has outstanding hygiene performance and various convenient functions. When you apply the high temperature-sterilization course, it removes staphylococcus aureus, Bacillu cereus, Bacillus pyocyaneus up to 99.999%. It has a 2nd detachable shelf system, which makes the washers possible to wash various sized dishes and the cooking utensils, such as large pots and the frying pans, by separating the upper shelf.

Meanwhile, Samsung electronics has released the Bespoke dishwashers countertop for 6 people targeting a family of 1 member and newlyweds, on Aug, 2021. This product is capable of being installed even in small kitchens. This compact-looking machine has got sufficient space to contain 4 sets of soup bowl, rice bowl, cup, spoon, chopsticks, as well the pot and cooking utensils.  The inner basket is deep as the national maximum size (same capacity standard), 452mm, which size can contain a 260 mm diameter pan easily, and when it is in laid position, a larger pan can be washed. Max. 6 Large plates and 3 wine glasses can be washed at once, hence no worries for any home party washing. The Bispoke dishwasher countertop has a strong cleaning and sterilizing function. The 425mm long wide wings in the down part and the booster cleaning wings are spinning together making 2 layers of dimensional current. And, the dual cleaning system that shoots a strong current in the front and the back of the dishes 100 times per minute, cleans every corner of the dishes. The direct water system at the high temperature of 75 degrees C removes congeal oils and bacteria. You can remove harmful bacteria like colon bacillus to 99.999% by activating the tube sterilization or selecting the high temperature sterilization option on the regular course. After the wash, the automatic door opening system is applied so that the moisture left over won't cause further smell or bacteria reproduction.

Winia has released a dishwasher for 6 people in Nov. 2021. This product is easy to install and use on the upper side of the sink.

The smart cleaning mode automatically analyzes the pollution level of the dishwasher and controls the optimal water temperature and washing time.

If the dish pollution level is low, you can save water by minimizing cleaning time. The water sprout is made of a water pump, a 43cm long cleaning nozzle in 360 degree high pressure spin washes any left over on the dishes. A 75 degree C high temperature sterilization cleaning function effectively wipes oils and residue while helping to remove any colon bacillus, Staphylococcus aureus, salmonella bacteria. Including the auto course, and strong course, you have 6 options for cleaning.

By releasing a dishwasher for 6 people last year, Cukcoo electronics has been entering the competition. On Feb. 2022, Cukcoo electronics released a Premium dishwasher for 6 people; which washer has additional functions: UV triple dry, ventilation, automatic door opening. Being premium, it dries plenty of dishes quickly while not leaving any water fur on the surface of the dishes by maximizing dry performance with a rich wind made from the forced draft fan. After the drying process, the door automatically opens. At the same time, internal moisture is gone and the leftover smell is removed. The sterilization dry function is installed. The automatic cleaning mode and the rinse auto insert function reduced the inconvenience of measuring&inserting detergent for each washing time.

SK Magic has released the super slim countertop dishwasher for 6 people in April 2022, and entered the competition in the dishwasher for 6 people market. The new release is a super slim size, even 30% less than the former product. So it is possible to install small kitchens in one-room or small spaces, which will help to utilize the kitchen space more efficiently. The size has been reduced, but the internal volume contains a maximum capacity compared to the same standard models. It's a 2-level try separation structure. A maximum of 6 people's dishes can be washed at once. Moreover, a stock pot and a large pot(#24), frying pan(#28) can be washed easily. The high temperature washing water (27 water sprays) from the 3 sides sprays strongly to the deep inside of the dishes, and this sterilizes viruses and the food poisoning bacteria to 99.999%. The water supply  punch is not more than 10mm, the same size as the water filter, which probably will make the installation easier without much harming the kitchen, whether in the case of moving residence or simply changing positions.

In relation to this, an industry-related person said, "For those families with 1~2 members or small kitchens, the former models designed for 12 people weren't easy to choose, even if they wanted a dishwasher. For this reason, recently the home appliance industry is releasing dishwashers for 6 people designed for those families who do not have many dishes to wash, such as a family of 1 member, the newlywed, and the silver family. I suspect that most of the home appliance companies have released it. The real competition has begun."



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