[Distribution Issue] BHC group's 'Super duper', "We will match with the best quality, the highest taste, and the most luxurious interior"
[Distribution Issue] BHC group's 'Super duper', "We will match with the best quality, the highest taste, and the most luxurious interior"
  • Yohan Bok Reporter
  • 승인 2022.11.01 01:24
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BHC group has officially opened the 'Super duper Gangnam branch' on the 1st of Nov...entering the premium burger market

The selling point in the domestic market, where has exceeding number of premium burger stores, is 'the most luxurious burger dining' service.
'Super Duper' Gangnam branch. It will officially open on November 1st. (Photo by Jin-il  Kang Reporter)

[Consumerwide_ Yohan, Bok Reporter]  BHC group has announced to enter the premium handmade burger market. The premium handmade burger brand 'Super duper', which represents San Francisco, California, the Western region of the United States, is officially launching a branch near Sinnonhyeon station in Seoul on 1st of Nov. This is the first global branch of Super duper. 

What would be the selling point of Super duper, BHC group, who jumped into the market as the late runner, in the domestic premium handmade burger market where already has plenty of popular brand lines in intensive competition.

This is the selling point of the Super duper Gangnam branch..."Combining the best quality, the highest taste, and the most luxurious dining interior will satisfy 5 senses of our customers."

Geumok Im, the CEO of the BHC group  (left of the picture) and Hyeonmin Kim, the marketing director of the BHC group, are introducing the brand at the tasting event for reporters at Gangnam branch, the global first store of premium handmade burger brand 'Super Duper'. (Photo by Jin-il  Kang Reporter)

On the 31st, BHC group operated the tasting event for the press before their official launch of the Super duper global branch (Gangnam) in Sinnonhyeon station, Seochogu, Seoul.

On that day, Geumok Im, the CEO of the BHC group, said, "This is the national mourning period, so we are offering the tasting event simply. The Super duper Gangnum branch is a space designed to satisfy 5 senses of customers, combining the most luxurious dining interior with the burger of the best quality and the highest taste. As far as I know, this is the world's most luxurious burger store."

I suspect that his words reflect their confidence to dominate the domestic premium burger market with the Super duper burger menu and the store interior.

Super Duffer's signature menus, 'Truffle Burger', 'Bacon Egg on Burger', and 'Super Single Burger'.(Photo by Jin-il  Kang Reporter)

One of the selling points of the Super duper Gangnum branch is the specialty of the burger menu, such as patties with plenty of gravy and the special made bun. 

Regarding this, Hyeonmin Kim, the marketing director of the BHC group said, "Super duper is a premium juicy handmade burger from San Francisco, US. This brand is quite popular among local customers and visitors in the US. This burger has a distinguished taste by bearing the the special made bun, which harmonizes with Super duper patty, along with the *Natural beef patty, full of gravy in it, which ingredients have found no where. (*Natural beef patty: Clean label premium beef, that has completed assignment of California state government. Cows that are used for these patties are fed in the pastures freely, without any assorted feed, antibiotics, hormones, stresses.) 
The BHC group uses beef patties from the US in order to reproduce the original taste of the 'Super duper', while BHC group R&D researchers visiting the US local meat patty factories for mastering patty production technics. In cooperating with 'Our bakery(Play f&b Ltd.)', we are ready with a perfect system for most of the ingredients, including the handmade bun, super sauce, large handmade pickles, Californian chedda cheese, in American local standard."

Super duper Gangnam branch is presenting various menus that contains the lifestyle and the emotions of the San Francisco. This menu includes shakes, sparkling drinks, coffees, and 7 types of burgers and 4 types of side menu. This menu carries the slow food philosophy of the Super duper.

Truffle burger(13900 won) is a signature menu of the Super duper, on which menu you can fully enjoy the truffle flavor. This burger has a combination of the Portobelo mushroom with truffle butter, which butter had a 90 day ripening period, having Italian truffle as an ingredient.

Super double burger(13900 won) is a representative menu of the Super duper, on which menu you can taste plenty of gravy along with the Natural beef petty and the Chedda cheese.

Besides, Bacon egg on burger(12900 won) is a product that perfectly suits the Korean taste, because of the sauce and various ingredients, whose ingredients are a combination of a fried egg, bacon on the top of a single patty with fresh garlic sauce. Burgers cost between 8900 won to 13900 won. These various menu lineups extended customers' choice.

In addition to that, Super duper Gangnam branch has a decorated store with the world's most luxurious burger dining interior. The Super duper store interior in San Francisco has a rather free and casual atmosphere. The Super duper Gangnam branch aimed for a space where you can relax in the middle of a busy city, yet the world's most luxury burger dining restaurant. This means that the space is more luxurious than the one in the US.

Hyeonmin Kim, the marketing director  said, "The Gangnam branch didn't have the same interior as the one in San Francisco. The Gangnam branch added luxury to the San Francisco local emotions. The main color, orange, and cozy lighting gives luxury and comfort, while wood material gives an eco-friendly message and metal material expresses the image of Silicon Valley, San Francisco. Through the interior, we tried to pass on the message, "Hyper-Slow". Hyper-Slow means a space of delicacies where you can feel relaxed in a location where everything moves fast. We will try our best to establish our brand as a lifestyle brand, which is a brand that customers want to experience, enjoy, and share through the best quality and taste, and a trendy space."

Meanwhile, BHC group is running various events celebrating the launch of the Super duper Gangnam branch. First of all, those customers who visit the store till 7th of Nov receive a Super duper travel pouch and the Super duper sticker pack when one orders any menus. (daily 100 people, first-come-first-serve basis). The check-in event is running up to the 14th of Nov, which event gives out Super duper goods (sticker pack) for those who participate in the Super duper menu vote after QR code access. You may get a chance to get the round ticket to San Francisco(1person) if you participate in the survey and certify your Super duper Gangnam branch visit via QR code by 30th of Nov. The ticket winner is selected by a lottery system.


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