[Experiment] Volvo New V60 Crosscountry..safe, practical, convenient, Complete version of Station Wagon
[Experiment] Volvo New V60 Crosscountry..safe, practical, convenient, Complete version of Station Wagon
  • Yohan Bok Reporter
  • 승인 2022.10.13 13:07
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In the heavy rain, a V60 proved a safe and convenient quality...trustworthy riding
I test-drive the Volvo new V60CC.  (Photo by HueSoung, Jun Reporter)

[Consumerwide_ Yohan, Bok Reporter] From the 6th to 7th, Lotte resort Sokcho, Gangwondo, there was a V60 Crosscountry media test drive event. I've participated for 60.2km, which is between Lotte resort Sokcho to Coffeeshop  Dioslo in Gangreung. On that day, there was heavy rain that would almost blind our sight. However, it was good weather to test the safety, practicability and convenience of V60 Crosscountry. You may also check out designs and additional options through related news articles.

Volvo's New V60CC Interior  (Photo by HueSoung, Jun Reporter)
T-map infotainment system on Volvo's new V60CC   (Photo by HueSoung, Jun Reporter)


The Tmap infortainment system...Aria stood out in the heavy rain.

Even before we departed from Coffeeshop  Dioslo to Lotte resort Sokcho, there was heavy rain. The Tmap infortainment system, which is installed in V60, is an upgraded version. You can send an estimated arrival time message through this system. Not only so, restaurant pre-order food functions are available.

On that day, I checked out various functions of the Tmap infotainment system, including sending the arrival time text message. First, I got in the driving seat, and said to Aria, "Aria, let's go to Lotte resort Sokcho.". Soon, Aria set navigation arrival location to Lotte resort Sokcho. After that, when I said 'Aria, send an arrival time message to Volvo.", Aria answered, "I will send an arrival message.". And he sent the message.

Heavy rain poured during the test drive of Volvo's new V60CC that day.  (Photo by HueSoung, Jun Reporter)

During the test drive, Aria did a great job. I couldn't take my eyes off of the front because heavy rain almost blinded my sight. So I said to Aria, "Aria, could you lower the AC temperature by 1℃ degree?". Then, Aria lowered the temperature by 1℃. "Aria, change the AC wind direction to the windscreen." Then, he changed the wind direction of AC. "Aria, play today's recommended music". He played music for me. Rain sounds along with the music of Aria added to the sentimental fall day. It was convenient to drive as Aria was doing his job.

Volvo's New V60CC Test Drive in the heavy rain (Photo by HueSoung, Jun Reporter)

Volvo safety technique.. it was shiny in the heavy rain  

It is fatal to feel tension under heavy rain even if one is a veteran driver. I set the wiper speed at maximum, but it was useless in pouring rain. Having blind sight, I was incapable of checking the space between cars ahead of me. So, I decided to test out an active safety system (extendable), which is made of radar cameras, and ultrasonic wave sensor arrays.

I activated Pilot Assist on the steering wheel's left side control panel. Speed was set on speed regulations. Under the rain drops, which blinded sight, the V60 drove at a stable safe distance according to the speed-set. When the car ahead stood, V60 stood as well. V60 couldn't start on its own but it was alright. While driving, I didn't need to worry about getting out of the lanes. V60 controlled safely. I was only holding the steering wheel. Under bad weather conditions, safety techniques shined.

Volvo's New V60CC (Photo by HueSoung, Jun Reporter)
Volvo's New V60CC Rear (Photo by HueSoung, Jun Reporter)


V60 ride comfort...this is a stable comfort.

It was my first time to test drive the V60. I've been testing the XC90, XC60, XC40, C40 recharge, S90, S60, V90, except V60. So I was curious about the driving capacity and ride comfort of the V60. On the test driving day, I couldn't test driving capacity because of the weather, but it was enough to test the value of V60. Acceleration was gentle, but power was plenty. Rainy road was not an obstacle to V60, but just felt like an ordinary road. The cornering was stable. Ride comfort was better than XC60. V60 is a wagun style(Cross over), which has the combined strength of Sedan and SUV. You can experience the true ride comfort of Sedan. The fuel efficiency was 11.4km/L for the 60.2km course. It seems that Wagun is quiet in the domestic market. But, I suspect that the Wagun time is coming.

The fuel efficiency of the day is 11.4km/L in the 60.2km section. (Photo by HueSoung, Jun Reporter)





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