[Distribution Wide] Delivery App-Game industry, cooperative advertising..Play games while getting a discount.
[Distribution Wide] Delivery App-Game industry, cooperative advertising..Play games while getting a discount.
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Delivery Nation (Baedal Minjok), Kartrider Rush Plus cooperation promotion

Yogiyo, Mobile casual boardgame, 'Modoo Marble' cooperation promotion

[Consumerwide_ Yohan, Bok Reporter] The Delivery Application industry has held the hand of the game industry. Recently, delivery apps are extending their promotion by cooperating with the game industry, aiming for the MZ generation. You can enjoy popular games while getting delivery app discounts. This promotion might continue for a while.

On 8th, followed by industry, the Delivery Nation(Baemin) and Yogigo are using popular games for promotion.

Baemin is busy with game cooperative advertising. They've been proceeding game battleground and a promotion last 2020. If one was winning in a battleground, they got chicken discount coupons from Baemin. That March, Baemin offered another cooperative promotion with Yumi's cell, the Navergames. This time,they are offering a Kartrider Rush Plus game with Naxon. Kartride RP is a mobile racing game released in 2020.

Baemin has released the 'Dokgo baedal' character and 'Mint bike' kart item, which can be used in the Kart RP. Baemin Mint bike is a legendary hybrid kart that has special effects such as, "Cloud Tteokbokki", "Baedal cat spaceship". You can get the Dokgo Baedal character and Mint bike kart item by ordering food on Baemin apps (Baemin 1) until 7th of Oct during the promotion period.

As you order, Baemin offers a coupon that has access to a Baemin calibre item. Baemin also gives away a giftcard worth 10,000 won to 30,000 customers among Baemin "Gift Booster card" customers. But, you have to purchase by using the Baemin gift button.

In addition to that, Kart RP is offering Baemin a special week till 20th. Anyone can participate in a giveaway event if one has completed a Mint bike ride ranking match. Giveaway entry tickets are given everyday during the event. Gifts are Baemin 365 days voucher (1person), Baemin gift voucher worth 50000 won (100 person) and 30000 won (1400 person).

A Baemin related person said during the interview with Consumerwide, "We started a game industry cooperative event in 2020. We are hopping to provide experience in different aspects. Baemin is planning on various game promotions in the future by cooperation."

Yogiyo is offering 'Modoo Marble', a mobile visual board game, this time. Yogiyo has been cooperating with the game industry since last year, offering The Country of Wind (Jan), and Battleground (March). When you play Modoo Marble, you get a discount coupon. The game works the same way as Modoo Marble. You can get involved by playing Modoo Marble  through an event window in Yogiyo App. Yogiyo gives away till 20th discount coupons worth 8000 won (2000 won discount without limit) whenever you play the games; Cheogatjib(parents-in-law's house) Seasoned Chicken, Domino's Pizza, Samcheop (snack bar) Twosome place, Mexicana, Pizza Alvolo, Tous Les Jours, Guljak (Master piece) Tteokbokki (total 8 brands) You gan get discount in total 16000 won when you participate on all the events.

Meanwhile, today's discount program is running based on the same brands. (8brands) Event participants can get a maximum 9000 won discount using  overlap-discount depending on an brand. Even if you don't participate in the games, you can get a 7% discount coupon if you just attend the event. The coupons are usable for 1 day, without limit. But, it cannot be used with an 8000 won coupon package.

Yogiyo is offering 'Modoo Marble special game item', a give away event (lottery) for customers who purchased 8 event brands. You can get stamps as much as you order event brand food while applying for an auto discount. You can collect the stamp once every day by ordering the event branded food on the event page of Yogiyo app. The stamp is auto accumulated.

A Yogiyo related person said, "We've been offering game industry cooperative events since last year. Yogiyo is targeting the MZ generation. We will try our best to pass on daily joys and strong discount benefits to our customers through various channel cooperation."


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