[ISSUE] Volvo jumping into the lifestyle market ... Starting from a golf bag, might it extend to the apparel market?
[ISSUE] Volvo jumping into the lifestyle market ... Starting from a golf bag, might it extend to the apparel market?
  • HueSoung, Jun Reporter / Yohan, Bok Reporter
  • 승인 2022.08.02 21:35
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- Official launch on 1st of Aug, two types of golf bag package
- A Volvo-related person said "May extent to various lifestyle item in future."
( Photo by  Volovo Cars Korea)

[Consumerwide_ HueSoung, Jun Reporter / Yohan, Bok Reporter]  Volovo Cars Korea officially jumped into the lifestyle market. It starts with golf bags, whose market has already begun with Benz, BMW, Audi. Later on, it is possible that we extend business to apparel markets like Jeep and Volkswagen did. Volvo announced their intention to make various lifestyle products in action.

On 1st of August, Volvo challenged the lifestyle market with 2 types of golf bag package. The package is made of an exclusive golf package (stand caddy bag, Bostin bag, pouch, ball pouch, ball towl), and Driver cover package (driver cover, wood cover, utility cover). 

You can purchase them through the official brand application, [Hej, Volvo]. At Hej Volvo, by becoming a member, you have access to the official [Volvo lifestyle shop].

The golf package is the item of EXKLUSIV by Volvo; a luxurious embroidery pattern of Scadinaviaan design and precise details, a driver-cover with reindeer (ashape symbolizing North Europe) added value by reflecting Swedish luxurious premium heritage.

The key lies in Volvo's next step. Benz and Audi have already been selling lifestyle items such as golf gear. Sales items vary from golf bags to bicycle accessories. Jeef and Volkswagen went even further by extending moves to fashion items. Jeef apparels are currently winning in department stores.

A while ago, Volkswagen launched clothing products that contain DNA of the luxurious car brand. Yeseul Park, a member of the Korean traditional fusion band Granada, is the brand ambassador of Volkswagen Apparel.

Volvo has already been selling lifestyle items on the global market. But, it's the first time for Volvo Apparel to enter the Korean market. Hence, Volvo's steps are drawing attention. It won't just finish with a golf item, but rather continue with various lifestyle items.

A Volvo related person said in an interview with Consumerwide, "We are going to carry out our mission, approaching-with various lifestyle items, that we might share our ideas of Swedish noble values with Korean customers...We haven't decided on the next items, yet. It's in progress, though I assume that the brand will try variety in lifestyle."

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