[Beauty] Amorepacific had the biggest outcome on Amazon Prime Day; Laneige ranked 1st
[Beauty] Amorepacific had the biggest outcome on Amazon Prime Day; Laneige ranked 1st
  • Hayoung, Chang Reporter/ Yohan, Bok Reporter
  • 승인 2022.07.29 13:02
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- Amerepacific ranked 1st in the Beauty&Personal Care field during the Amazon Prime Day
- Laneige, Sulhwasoo, Innisfree got rewarding results

[Consumerwide_Hayoung, Chang Reporter / Yohan, Bok Reporter] Amorepacific had the biggest outcome on Amazon Prime Day. On the prime day, Laneige was selected as the 1st brand in the Amazon Beauty & Personal Care field. (based on sales records)

Prime Day is Amazon's biggest deal event of the year, which is exclusively opened for paid memberships. The event took place between 12th of July and 13th of July. During the event, world class brands participated, selling over 3 hundred million products, which was the largest scale ever. On that day, the global brands of Amorepacific, Laneige, Sulwhasoo, and Inisfree participated with their signature product.

Laneige stood out during the Amazon Prime Day event. Laneige won first place in the brand ranking, category of Beauty & Personal Care. Laneige was selected as the bestselling brand as well during the event. The signature product,  Lip Sleeping Mask (berry mix), sold the most in the Amazon Beauty and Personal Care field. Lip Glowy Balm (berry mix) sold out the third most. Water Sleeping Mask was loved by customers, ranking in the Top 100 in the same category.

Sulwhasoo Yunjo Essence sold out completely while Inisfree Daily UV Defence Suncreem recorded 34th, in the category of Beauty and personal care. These factors seemed to confirm the outcome of the Amorepacific global brand.

NaJeonggyun, Overseas president North America of Amorepacific said, "The outcome on this prime day was only possible because of our omni channel strategy and ideal brand portfolio strategy, initiative investment for brand promotion (brand awareness), gradual growth in various sales channels."

“Amorepacific will continually approach our global customers including North American Market consumers, along with our brands, Laneige, Sulwhasoo, and Inisfree. We are hoping that we can build up closer contacts among international users by meeting their essential needs.

On the other hand, Amorepacific has been laying the groundwork as a global company since 2002, with the North American market launching, centering around Sulwhasoo, Laneige and Inisfree.

Adopting to changes in the market environment and customer's life cycle, Amorepacific strengthened its brand competitive power while expending sales bases focused on e-commerce and multi-brand store channels. Lately, total sales of Amorepacific in the North American Market grew up to 60%.


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